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28 Harley Quinn Cosplays You'll Love!

Harley Quinn cosplays
via maidofmight

Harley Quinn just had her 25th birthday!! So I figured it was time for a showcase of some gorgeous Harley Quinn cosplays!! All of these girls really rocked it and brought the Harley Quinn fire!!

Don't forget to check out these Harley Quinn cosplayers and even follow them if you would like to see more cosplays from them!

Harley Quinn cosplays
via @rotten_harley_quinn

Harley Quinn cosplays
via @kate.nadia

Harley Quinn cosplays
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Harley Quinn cosplays
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Do You Want Lavender Hair?? Here's Some Inspiration!

lavender hair
via @yo_its_chlo

I have always wanted lavender hair and I found some gorgeous women on Instagram rocking the lavender style! It just makes me want my hair this color even more!

Let me know if you guys would consider rocking lavender hair in the comments down below!

6 Things I Learned When I Jogged for the 1st time since high school | Fitness

6 Things I Learned When I Jogged for the 1st time since high school | Fitness tina belcher dance running
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I am going to be honest, I do not workout on a regular basis. I feel like I lack the motivation to do so, but I know I want to be in shape and I do have health goals I would like to meet like running for an hour nonstop without getting tired or being able to do 70 push ups in a row without stopping. Anyway, my boyfriend suggested I run with him and our friends on Sundays since they just started trying to get back into running a week ago. I figured, I'd do it since I need to workout anyway and my social levels would go up (as if I were in the Sims). So here's what happened within me jogging with my boyfriend and friends as well as what I realized about myself.

6 Things I Learned When I Jogged for the 1st time since high school | Fitness batman robin running
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Running in a group seemed to be much better than listening to music.... from what my friends mentioned.

Even though I am an introvert (or maybe I am an ambivert), running with people does motivate you to keep going. However for me I had other reasons for continuing on after a certain point. Although  I feel like I may play some music next time I run with them to see if I feel a difference within the way I am motivated to focus on my breathing and my pacing.

I Bought Velvet Shoes!! | GoJane review

velvet shoes GoJane Review

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you a review of the website GoJane. GoJane is an online clothing store which sells women's clothing. You can buy all types of clothing, accessories, and shoes from GoJane. I personally I like their selection of jeans, jumpsuits, and shoes. I purchased from GoJane one other time a few years ago, but I did not share my shopping experience with them on my blog. Today I figured I would share with you guys a great find that I bought online last week and received today.

11 Pastel Goth Makeup and Outfits to Inspire You

12 Pastel Goth Makeup and Outfits to Inspire You gif anime cute
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I am in love with the pastel goth trend so I figured it is time for me to showcase some pastel goth Instagrammers that rock the trend with ease! Check out these pastel goth outfits and makeup looks! Maybe they will inspire you to rock the pastel goth trend too!

**If you guys know of any other pastel goth Instagrammers or if you have any pastel goth photos, share them with me by leaving a comment down below to the link of the pictures or Instagram pages!**

12 Pastel Goth Makeup and Outfits to Inspire You Instagram deerest_kylie doctor harley quinn pastel pink hair
via @deerest_kylie
I love @deerest_kylie's cosplay of Dr. Harleen Quinzel. I also love the Joker drawings she created!

14 Kawaii Outfit and Makeup Ideas to Inspire You

14 Kawaii Outfit and Makeup Ideas to Inspire You sailor moon chibiusa smiling hearts happy anime gif
via We Heart It
Happy Hump Day! We're in the middle of the week which is great because we're a little bit closer to the weekend. I decided to get this Wednesday started off with some lovely girls sporting their kawaii inspired fashion and makeup on Instagram. I will try to find links to the clothing these girls are wearing as well as similar pieces if you guys are interested. If not, scroll through and maybe you will find some new people to follow on Instagram!

I hope you guys have a great day!

Instagram albinwonderland kawaii fashion
via @albinwonderland
I love her pastel pink hair! I am not exactly sure where you can find the jacket, but she creates these adorable tote bags. You can also follow her on Youtube.

Instagram @xmypasteluniverse kawaii pastel outfit
via @xmypasteluniverse

I love this entire outfit! It's filled with pastels. You can buy a pastel denim jacket from Amazon. You can buy the skater skirt from Amazon. I am not sure where you can buy the shirt or the tights, but there are similar shirts that can be bought on eBay as well as similar tights that can be bought there as well. You can buy some flat shoes from Walmart for around $6 and use lavender fabric paint to turn the shoes into a lavender color.

Instagram bubblechutea pastel pink hair kawaii makeup fairy
via @bubblechutea
Her pastel pink hair looks divine and I love her makeup! I kind of want to try this makeup look myself.

7 Reasons to watch Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works | Anime

7 Reasons to watch Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works | Anime
via Type-Moon

Looking for a new anime to watch? Well look no further! Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is an anime that is worth the watch. It has practically everything in it from action to love to....just being an all around amazing anime. Here's a list of my reasons why you should watch Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works!

Anime: Action, Fantasy, Thriller
There are 25 episodes in this series, but there is a 26th episode which involves an alternate ending.

1. I am so glad I didn't watch this show when it first came out because I would have been frustrated with a decent amount of the cliff hanger endings during or just before a battle. So if you are like me, you will love that you can watch the series all the way through.

I know this isn't a focal point reason for watching this specific show, but you guys do not understand how amazing this anime is... I couldn't stop watching it because it was so good and the fact that cliffhanger endings kept occurring which made me go from "I am only going to watch one more episode" to me watching about 6 more episodes. It was completely worth the time put into watching the series though.