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32 Fishnet Outfit Ideas for this Spring

32 fishnet outfit ideas spring outfits tumblr outfits grunge outfits blue hair athousandchapters instagram
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I absolutely love fishnets and I love whenever I see people wearing fishnet outfits. So I figured I would share with you guys some fishnet inspiration.

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Pastel Pink + Black | Pastel Goth Outfit

pastel goth outfits fashion blogger fishnet outfit polyvore tumblr outfit
Pink and Black | Pastel Goth Outfit

I just put together this pastel goth outfit that I would love to wear. It would be perfect for a nice Spring day. Plus I could wear all of these items on their own too.

Here are the items!

33 Gorgeous 4c Natural Hair Styles to Try

33 Gorgeous 4c Natural Hair Styles to Try - 4c hair youtube tutorial
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I am always looking for some 4c hair styles to try. I'll be honest, I am pretty lazy with doing my hair. I usually stick with wearing my hair in braids or bantu knots, but sometimes I feel like switching it up and trying a new style. I stay watching women on Youtube as they show the world how to do different hair styles with their 4c hair. So I decided to share with you guys some of the ones that I love!

I hope these are helpful because I am definitely going to try all of these out myself!!

90+ Graphic Design Hashtags to Use on Instagram

90+ Graphic Designs hashtags to use on Instagram
Graphic Designs hashtags to use on Instagram

Hey you guys! So today I decided to a bit of research to find some hashtags that could be helpful for those of you who are graphic designers. I hope that these graphic designer hashtags will be beneficial to you within gaining views, likes, comments, and more followers on Instagram!

Remember that you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags when tagging your photos that you upload on Instagram. Some people say to use between 5-10 hashtags, but I have seen a lot of people use between 25-30 hashtags and they had some decent results.

Also remember that how active you are on Instagram and how much you engage on Instagram can affect your overall comments, followers, and likes that you receive. A lot of people say to post once a day, but some people post during the weekdays and not on weekends. In my opinion, you should do whatever works best for your schedule. However the more you post, it will boost the chances for your current followers to see your posts.

Common graphic designer hashtags that can be used to gain visibility on Instagram:


Time to Grow!!!! | March Goals (Social Media, School, Life)

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Hey you guys!! It's March already and it is time for me to share with you some goals that I have for this month. I feel like last month I potentially set my goals a bit too high, but for this month I plan on doing mostly everything that I have on this list. 

So here's what I have planned for this month!

Social Media and Online Blog

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Post at least 8x on my blog.

I already have my topics to write about and I am hoping that I can post all of them this month.

Write at least 4 posts focused on SEO.

I usually do not pay attention to SEO too much, but I definitely should. I noticed a couple of my pages are ranking on the first page of Google. So I am going to try to share 4 SEO focused posts a month to gain more traffic and to help more people.

Network all of my blog posts on the platforms I use.

I plan on using everything; Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, & Twitter. 

Post at least 4 outfit posts this month.

I keep saying that I will do outfit posts with me showing you guys my own style, but I never do. So I am going to stick to it this month.

10 Gorgeous Red Prom Dresses | Under $100 prom dresses

red prom dresses under 100 - red prom dresses 2018
Red prom dresses under $100 

It is almost that time of year of prom! I figured I would share with you guys some of the red prom dresses that I found on Amazon. Check them out!

**Also, don't forget to check your measurements when buying dresses or anything online. You can buy a tape measurer at Walmart, Jo-ann's Fabrics, Michaels, or even Dollar Tree.

February Goals: Instagram, Cosplay, College, & Clothes | Monthly Goals

february 2018 goals instagram college cosplay blogger monthly goals

It's February already you guys! I can't even believe it. I still don't even believe that it is 2018, but anyway I hope you guys are doing well and have been being productive so far this year. I figured I would share with you guys my goals for February 2018. Hopefully I can stay on task and get these things done.

So here are my goals for February!