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Rugrats Stranger Things T Shirt | Popuptee Review

Rugrats Stranger Things Shirt | PopupTee website Review cool tshirt designs
Rugrats Stranger Things Shirt | Popuptee Review

So one day I was surfing through my Facebook homepage as usual and I came across a sponsored post for a Rugrats themed Stranger Things shirt from the website PopupTee that was on sale for $14. Now usually I would not purchase things through sponsored posts on Facebook, but since the shirt did look pretty awesome and my boyfriend loves both of the shows, I decided to buy it as an early Christmas gift from him. So I wanted to share with you guys my experience with buying from Popup tee and review the Rugrats Stranger Things shirt that I bought.

RightStuf Review : $1, $5, $10, and $25 Blind Box | Anime

RightStuf Review : Blind Box | Anime

So I have been eyeballing the RightStuf Anime's blind boxes for the past 2 years and every time I wanted to buy one they were out of stock. However this year, I was able to come across these blind boxes all in stock. Right Stuf Anime was having a blind box sale. I decided to go ahead and purchase 14 blind boxes. I know... It was a lot, but it was worth it. So today I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on the Blind Boxes and the stuff I received from the Right Stuf website. I am breaking the Right Stuf Blind boxes up by regular Blind boxes, Magical Girl blind boxes, and Shonen blind box in the event that some of you are interested in particular blind boxes.

So let's jump into the review of RightStuf Anime!

RightStuf Review - $5 Shonen Blind Box | Anime

RightStuf Review - $5 Shonen Blind Box

I bought the $5 Shonen Blind box from Right Stuf Anime because I was feeling adventurous and I wanted to share with you guys what I received!

RightStuf Shipping

RightStuf ships through USPS and it took about 5 days for me to receive my purchase!

So let's jump into what I received in my blind box!!

What's in CurlKit November 2017 ?? | Natural Hair Subscription Box Review

CurlKit November 2017 Review Natural Hair Subscription box

I just received my November 2017 CurlKit in the mail and I wanted to share with you guys what was in the box. I also wanted to share with you guys whether the box is worth the money.

So CurlKit is a company that sells a lot of natural hair products, but they also have a subscription box that they ship every month for $25 which includes the shipping. This is my second month of having CurlKit, but it is also my last because I honestly just purchased the subscription to see what items they had for me to try since I enjoy trying new things.

Buying Mystery Bags at Youmacon 2017!! | 3 Tips for Buying Mystery Bags at Cons

Buying Mystery Bags at Youmacon 2017!! | 3 Tips for Buying Mystery Bags at Cons

I am one of those people who loves mystery bags. I do not think I have ever gotten a mystery bag where there was something in it that I did not like or I could not use. Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys what I received in two of the mystery bags that I purchased at Youmacon and I wanted to give you all some tips about buying mystery bags from merchants.

I went into Youmacon knowing I was going to buy at least one mystery bag. I bought a mystery bag at Youmacon 2016 and I received some awesome items in the bag I bought. So I figured that I had to buy another one. I looked through the Dealer's room/Artist Alley and I saw quite a few people selling mystery bags.

buying mystery bags at youmacon 2017

My first mystery bag was $35. I just chose a bag and I found a lot of great stuff inside. I received 4 items in the mystery bag.

I sold my used textbooks!! | Textbook Recycling Review

I sold my used textbooks!! | Textbook Recycling Review

I know a lot of you college students probably wonder what to do with the used textbooks that you have bought for school. Well, you can definitely resale your books to a few companies like Amazon. I have yet to actually try Amazon's book buy back program, but I have tried a company called Textbook recycling a multiple times. Today I wanted to talk with you guys about Textbook Recycling.

My First Time Attending ALL of Youmacon!!!! | Youmacon 2017 Review

My First Time Attending ALL of Youmacon 2017 Review

A bit of a background about me and Youma. I went to my first Youmacon last year in 2016. I went on Saturday last year and I absolutely loved it. So I decided to go again this year and to actually stay in the Marriott hotel located in the Renaissance Center which is where a decent amount of Youmacon was located. Youmacon is located in Detroit, Michigan. This was my first year attending the entire Youmacon event from Thursday to Sunday. I was even more excited about it since my birthday was on Thursday. I am getting old... I was also excited because I cosplayed Friday and Saturday. So I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on the panels, cosplaying at Youmacon, the game room, and some of my other thoughts about Youmacon 2017.
So let's jump into this review of Youmacon 2017.