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My first time eating at Kona Grill... - Kona Grill Review

Kona Grill Review Troy, Michigan sushi restaurant date night

I went to Kona Grill in Troy, Michigan for the first time for date night this weekend and the experience was pretty amazing. I just wanted to share with you guys my thoughts about the service, the seating, and the food at Kona Grill.

Making Reservations for Kona Grill & Being Seated

I originally had made a reservation for Kona Grill on Opentable, but I ended up not being able to get ready on time for the 3pm reservation. I canceled it and we were able to go to the restaurant as walk-ins which was pretty great. There weren't too many people at this restaurant at the time in which we went. I want to say we ended up getting to the restaurant around 3:30pm on a Saturday. Surprisingly, there were a good 20 tables available. 


The lighting was dim. It had a very romantic appeal. The seating was spacious and surprisingly comfortable. We were placed in a booth which was pretty nice. They did have music playing in the restaurant, but it wasn't overwhelmingly loud. I barely payed attention to it playing in the background.

30+ Monday Hashtags to use on Instagram | Tags for likes

30+ Monday Hashtags to use on Instagram  | Tags for likes

Hey you guys! I hope you all are doing well this Monday. I have had a few people ask me what are some great Monday hashtags to use to obtain likes, comments, or views on Instagram and Twitter. So here is a list of different hashtags you can use on Mondays to use as tags for likes. I hope this will help you guys out in gaining more followers and likes on Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtags with (*) are the most popular Monday tags for likes that can be used.

Bruce Lee - Game of Death | Funko Pop Review

Bruce Lee - Game of Death | Funko Pop Review

I bought the Bruce Lee Game of Death Funko Pop vinyl off of Amazon. I purchased it a few weeks ago when the price went down about $10. I try to always watch for sales on different items I am considering buying because every now and then, things will go on sale and I can buy them at a cheaper price. My boyfriend has been wanting this Funko Pop for awhile and I figured I would surprise him with it as a mini gift. 

Here is a review of the Bruce Lee "Game of Death" Funko Pop.

School, Work, Cosplay, and Anime!! | October 2017 Goals

School, Work, Cosplay, and Anime!! | October 2017 Goals
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I am so excited for October. There are so many things that I want to do this month considering Youmacon is next month. I must finish creating my cosplays for it. At the same time, I also have a lot of business related goals I have to focus on as well. So let's jump into my goals for the month of October.

School life and Work life

School, Work, Cosplay, and Anime!! | October 2017 Goals, homer simpson studying reading
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Try to not fail my classes.
This is the first year I've had 8 week long classes and the classes I have been taking are much harder than any of the other classes I have taken in the past. I am not going to lie to you guys, I am so glad this is my last year.

Post fashion related posts featuring my fashion on Researching the Internet.
I want to break into fashion blogging. I have been planning on doing it for the past 3 years, but I would always put it off and not post anything. This month, I definitely plan on posting an outfit or two.

Comment on 50 other blogs.
I always slack on commenting on other people's websites, but this month I am going to network and comment on relatable websites.

Post at least 9x on Researching the Internet.
Last month I updated my website only 2 times. I need to do better this month.

Get Adsense approved on my Youtube channel.
I will probably apply for Adsense towards the end of the month for my Youtube channel. One of my goals is to be able to make a decent amount of side income from Adsense.

28 Harley Quinn Cosplays You'll Love!

Harley Quinn cosplays
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Harley Quinn just had her 25th birthday!! So I figured it was time for a showcase of some gorgeous Harley Quinn cosplays!! All of these girls really rocked it and brought the Harley Quinn fire!!

Don't forget to check out these Harley Quinn cosplayers and even follow them if you would like to see more cosplays from them!

Harley Quinn cosplays
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Harley Quinn cosplays
via @kate.nadia

Harley Quinn cosplays
via @_harlequinade

Harley Quinn cosplays
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Do You Want Lavender Hair?? Here's Some Inspiration!

lavender hair
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I have always wanted lavender hair and I found some gorgeous women on Instagram rocking the lavender style! It just makes me want my hair this color even more!

Let me know if you guys would consider rocking lavender hair in the comments down below!

6 Things I Learned When I Jogged for the 1st time since high school | Fitness

6 Things I Learned When I Jogged for the 1st time since high school | Fitness tina belcher dance running
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I am going to be honest, I do not workout on a regular basis. I feel like I lack the motivation to do so, but I know I want to be in shape and I do have health goals I would like to meet like running for an hour nonstop without getting tired or being able to do 70 push ups in a row without stopping. Anyway, my boyfriend suggested I run with him and our friends on Sundays since they just started trying to get back into running a week ago. I figured, I'd do it since I need to workout anyway and my social levels would go up (as if I were in the Sims). So here's what happened within me jogging with my boyfriend and friends as well as what I realized about myself.

6 Things I Learned When I Jogged for the 1st time since high school | Fitness batman robin running
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Running in a group seemed to be much better than listening to music.... from what my friends mentioned.

Even though I am an introvert (or maybe I am an ambivert), running with people does motivate you to keep going. However for me I had other reasons for continuing on after a certain point. Although  I feel like I may play some music next time I run with them to see if I feel a difference within the way I am motivated to focus on my breathing and my pacing.