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15 Kawaii Outfits to Inspire You!! | Kawaii Fashion

kawaii fashion cute outfits pink skirt thigh high socks pastel hair pretty clothes jfashion fashion blogger blog bubblechutea

It's time to showcase some kawaii fashion! Here are some girls who have been rocking kawaii outfits. Follow them for more kawaii inspired clothes and photos! 

Let's jump into these kawaii pictures! Maybe they'll inspire your kawaii lifestyle!

I bought a Charmander Onesie! - Milanoo Review

Charmander Onesie - Milanoo Review | Pokemon Halloween Costume Kigurumi Kawaii
Charmander Onesie - Milanoo Review | Pokemon Halloween Costume

I have been eyeballing the Charmander onesie on the Milanoo website for awhile and I finally decided to go ahead and buy it. So I wanted to share with you guys my review on the Pokemon Charmander onesie that I purchased from Milanoo.

Playstation Shirt - Perfect for the Playstation Gamer!

Playstation t shirt graphic tee gamer girl top clothes PS4

This shirt would be perfect for the Playstation gamer in your life!

I would definitely wear this!

Dragon Ball Z Shirt : WANT IT!

Dragon Ball Z t shirt graphic tee anime vegeta goku christmas gift fan girl forever 21
Dragon Ball Z Graphic tee shirt

I just found this Dragon Ball Z t-shirt and I had to share it with you guys!! 

I know a lot of you love DBZ so I figured you'd love this graphic tee as the perfect Christmas gift for the the Dragon Ball Z lover in your life!

I Want This Rugrats Jacket!! | 90s Kids

rugrats jacket nickelodeon clothes hey arnold forever 21 jacket 90 kids 90s fashion rugrats clothes
Rugrats jacket - Nickelodeon

I am in love with this jacket you guys! 

Can Fingerhut Build Credit? : Fingerhut Review

Can Fingerhut Build Credit? : Fingerhut Review Fingerhut Shipping
Can Fingerhut Build Credit? : Fingerhut Review

So I have heard that Fingerhut can be a great way to buy certain things without paying the full price, but I chose to use Fingerhut for the purpose of increasing my credit score. I am a college student and I am kind of in debt with attempting to pay on some hospital bills from a surgery that I had last year as well as getting ready to graduate. I am about to have a decent amount of loans to pay after I receive my degree. I currently have a fair credit score, but I would love for it to be a lot higher than what it is. Over the course of a few months, I am going to assess how greatly Fingerhut can alter my credit score.

I have heard mixed reviews about how finger hut can affect credit, but I decided to try it for myself.

So let's jump into this review and my experience with using Fingerhut!!

Applying for Fingerhut

I applied for Fingerhut.. It requires putting in your information: name, birth date, SSI, and I want to say your address as well.

I received an update on the security system I use for protecting my credit. It expressed that a new form of credit had been open under my information within a few hours. I was allowed a $300 credit to Fingerhut.. which was pretty cool. I have heard that the ranges of available credit can differ based on your past credit history and your age, but this is what I was given. The amount you receive could be more or less than mine.

Also, I would like to mention that I waited awhile (3 weeks) after signing up for Fingerhut credit and received a catalog about 2 weeks after creating an account with them. They have a lot of items in their book to choose from, but of course you need to be careful within purchasing anything on credit.

Right Stuf Anime Review - $5 & $10 Magical Girl Blind Box

Right Stuf Anime Review - $5 Magical Girl Blind Box & $10 Magical Girl Blind Box
Right Stuf Anime Review - $5 & $10 Magical Girl Blind Box

It has taken me awhile to upload this post, but I finally did. I shopped on the Right Stuf Anime website and I bought a few blind boxes.

Check out the other blind boxes here.

So I bought 5 Magical Girl Blind Boxes. I bought three $5 Magical Girl Blind boxes and two $10 Magical Girl Blind boxes. I wanted to share with you guys what I received within these Blind Boxes that I purchased from Right Stuf Anime.

Right Stuff Anime Shipping

The shipping for Right Stuf Anime took about 5 days.

$5 Magical Girl Blind Box

Right Stuf Anime Review $5 Magical Girl Blind Box Pita-Ten Volume 4 Manga
Right Stuf Anime Review - $5 Magical Girl Blind Box : Pita-Ten Volume 4 Manga 
I received the Pita-Ten Volume 4 Manga in my $5 Magical Girl Blind Box. I've never heard of this series before, but I am kind of interested in checking it out. The Pita-Ten Volume 4 Manga retails at $1.14 on Amazon. I am assuming that this manga is not very popular because of how cheap it is on Amazon and the lack of reviews as well, but it does retail at a value of $9.99 on the Right Stuf Anime website. I am still kind of interested in seeing what it's about.