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7 Reasons to watch Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works | Anime

7 Reasons to watch Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works | Anime
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Looking for a new anime to watch? Well look no further! Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is an anime that is worth the watch. It has practically everything in it from action to love to....just being an all around amazing anime. Here's a list of my reasons why you should watch Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works!

Anime: Action, Fantasy, Thriller
There are 25 episodes in this series, but there is a 26th episode which involves an alternate ending.

1. I am so glad I didn't watch this show when it first came out because I would have been frustrated with a decent amount of the cliff hanger endings during or just before a battle. So if you are like me, you will love that you can watch the series all the way through.

I know this isn't a focal point reason for watching this specific show, but you guys do not understand how amazing this anime is... I couldn't stop watching it because it was so good and the fact that cliffhanger endings kept occurring which made me go from "I am only going to watch one more episode" to me watching about 6 more episodes. It was completely worth the time put into watching the series though. 

Cinderella Girls Gekijou Season 1 | Kawaii Anime Review

Cinderella Girls Gekijou Season 1 | Kawaii Anime Review

If you're interested in kawaii anime, then you should definitely check out Cinderella Girls Gekijou. The episodes are roughly around 3 minutes long and there are only 13 episodes. The anime series is based off of the game The Idolmaster which is a rhythm and simulation video game series that was created by Bandai Namco Games.  I am actually very interested in playing the game myself to see what it is all about since it is pretty popular. The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Theater is an extension of "The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls" main series which I plan on watching in the future.

34 Popular Thursday Hashtags to use on Instagram | RTI

32 Popular Thursday Hashtags to use on Instagram | RTI

Thursday is always that day where I feel hope towards the end of the week because that means the weekend is about to start and I heavily look forward to the weekend. There are a lot of hashtags that can be used for different days of the week and Thursday comes with its' own hashtags as well. If you use these Thursday hashtags, you will be able to get in on sharing some of your own photos which other people maybe interested in on that specific day of the week. I suggest that you guys check out these Thursday hashtags because they could definitely help you with obtaining views, likes, follows, and interactions whether it is on Instagram or on Twitter. Try out a combination of these popular Thursday hashtags to see what works and to get in on the benefits of using these Thursday focused hashtags as you post content on social media.

100+ Fitness Hashtags You Need to Use on Instagram!

100+ Fitness Hashtags You Need to Use on Instagram! views traffic

Hashtags are a great way for people to find you. I know I like to use hashtags to target a specific audience for views and likes, as well as for new follows or even as a method to gain possible buyers of products I am advertising. If you have a fitness blog, are a fitness trainer, own a fitness product, or if you just love fitness... these fitness hashtags will definitely gain a lot of people's attention. Through the use of these fitness hashtags, you will be able to attract a decent amount of people who would be interested in your posts on Instagram. However you can also use these hashtags on Twitter as well to see if they could work for you on there too.

So let's jump into these fitness hashtags that can be used to attract people interested in fitness.

**All of the hashtags that are in red are some of the more popular hashtags that are used.**

Of course use the #Fitness tag when talking about fitness.

You can also use the following hashtags..

42 Back to School Outfits To Start The Year Off Right!

It's almost that time of year again! It's time to prepare for the back to school season with some outfits that are comfy, yet fashionable. Within this post I will share with you guys how to achieve these back to school outfits as well as where to buy these items from. I hope it inspires your style and gives you some ideas for this back to school season.

42 Back to School Outfits To Start The Year Off Right! overalls sweatshirts knit hat
via A-Rooki
1. The first back to school outfit incorporates overalls that are rolled up a bit with coordinating colored sweatshirt, beanie hat, and sneakers. If you love overalls and staying kind of comfy, this is an ideal look for you.

You can buy overalls from Amazon and Forever 21.

You can purchase a sweatshirt from your local Walmart, Target, Amazon, or even thrift store at an affordable price. However if you would like a sweatshirt with a more colorful or graphic print appeal, you can buy some from

I usually find hats similar to hers at Walmart or my local beauty supply store for under $4. However you can purchase them off of Amazon as well.

42 Back to School Outfits To Start The Year Off Right! black leather jacket crop top black pants
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2. This is definitely one of my go to looks. An all black outfit that consists of a leather jacket, crop top, leggings or skinny pants, and sneakers. If crop tops are not allowed at your school, you can rock a simple black shirt instead. I think the leather jacket definitely creates a sort of edgy appeal.

You can buy a black leather jacket from Amazon and Forever 21.

You can purchase skinny pants from Forever 21 and BooHoo.

The black cropped top can be bought from here.

If you are interested in buying her gym shoes in particular, you can purchase them from Amazon or you can rock your own that you already have.

9 Goals I have for August 2017 - Fighting Procrastination!

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It's the first day of August and there is a lot that I will be up to this month. I am hoping I can get it all done because I am nervous about a decent amount of the stuff that I want to do, but I will push through and try to complete all of my tasks that I set out to work on. I try to set goals for myself so that I do not procrastinate on the things that I really want to accomplish. So here are my goals for August 2017.


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Order books for my classes for my last year before I obtain my bachelor's degree.

I am so excited that I graduate next year, but I am not so excited about student loans. I have to order a few books for my classes that start at the end of August.

Fun Stuff

Read at least two books and write a review about them.

I have been slacking on reading books. I have about a good 100 books in my possession that I have not read yet.. So I will probably dive into reading some of the books soon.

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Finish the anime Code Geass and Beyond the Boundary.

I started watching the both of these anime series last month and I really like them. They both have decent story lines that keep me wanting to continue watching them. Plus, I found a few new characters that I want to cosplay in the future.

16 hour lipstick? Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lipstick Review

I was super excited when I found out that I was able to try the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink lipstick. The lipstick is supposed to have a statement color that lasts up to 16 hours. I always love whenever I am able to try lipsticks with the claim of it being long lasting because I know having a long lasting lipstick is definitely something that a lot of us lipstick lovers look for. We also look for a lasting lipstick that doesn't transfer either... and I tried out this lipstick compliments of Influenster to evaluate the quality of this lipstick.

I was sent two lipsticks. There are 10 different colors to choose from, but I received the colors Lover (mauve) and Pioneer (red) from Influenster.

I tried Lover one day and then I tried Pioneer the next day. Here is what I found out within trying these lipsticks.