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The Jaden and Willow Smith Poetry Generator is pretty amazing.

In an interview by T Magazine , Jaden and Willow Smith gave their perspectives on time, education, meditation, and their musical process. The interview itself was pretty interesting. Their responses intrigue me and makes me wonder about what else goes on in their minds throughout the day. I honestly would love to talk to them about different theories that I, myself have about existence. Based on their answers they seem to be very aware of a lot of things that people tend to overlook and not even consider.

Time magazine got a hold of the interview and turned it into something in which we could all show our poetic side. They created a poem generator by breaking up the words in the responses of Jaden and Willow in the conversation.

Here's my creation:

via Time

They never want to do anything.
Sacred space of your heart, 
your whole life can pass by in six seconds.
Quantum physics, 
relative to beings and other places, 
source energy and universal truths.
I was depressed, 
thinking about something happy.
Energy coming through. 
Make it go slow or fast.
A thing that you can get lost in. 
Things that can't be pre-dated, 
The melancholiness of the ocean 
because living 
a higher consciousness, 
a place of oneness, 
a holographic reality.
I think of concepts, 
by the chemicals and things.
There's a theoretical physicist, 
climbing as many mountains, 
putting all their ligaments together.
They're shocked by this harsh world.
You never learn anything in school.
School is not authentic.
I do not care what people say. 
Here on earth, 
they still breathe through their stomach.
They're so tired.
You piece it together. 
Inside all of our minds, 
two separate realities.
Where you are in the universe, 
it doesn't exist.
Not a duality consciousness,
because you have to live.
The thing that makes you sad, 
it's not true.
You can't listen to your mind.
What you think,
shocking yourself. 
The melancholiness of everything else,
by the time we're 30 or 20 
I'm going to imprint myself on everything...

(Inserts "else" at the end.)

You don't have to make yours as serious as mine... but I think you guys should definitely try it out.
The Jaden and Willow Smith Poetry Generator turns everyone into a pretty shweet lyricist.

Leave a comment of the poem you came up with. I'd love to read it.

Background Information: 

Jaden Smith is an actor and musician. He is best known for his roles in The Karate Kid and After Earth. Willow Smith is also a musician and is best known for her "Whip My Hair" single. They are the children of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.