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Thoughts I Have When Grocery Shopping On a Saturday Evening (The Saturday Before Thanksgiving) [Unorganized]

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I almost never ever go grocery shopping on Saturday or anytime after 1 pm on the weekend because there are usually way too many people. I like to shop during quieter times, like 9 am on a weekday. However, today I went grocery shopping for the items that I needed to cook the food that I was making for Thanksgiving. I went to Meijer's and cars were everywhere. I got there at around 4 pm. Here were my thoughts.

Firstly I thought, "Oh my gosh, there are going to be a ton of people. I know that I am going to see children, hollering. I dislike the screaming.children."Once the car was parked, all I saw were people driving way too quickly, knowing it's ice on the pavement. Some even swerved in opposite directions because of how fast they were going and how slippery the ice was. I thought about how much I wanted to be at home, wrapped in my Snuggie, while watching The King of Queens instead of trying to avoid being hit by a truck.

Upon entering the store, some kid bumped into me and started smiling at me. Unfortunately their parent was headed in the same direction I was and they continued in the same direction for a good minute or so. 

Thoughts: "Awh, you're adorable. I remember when I had a little parka coat like that. Now please move away from me."

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Have you guys ever payed attention to the way people look in a store or anywhere for that matter? I have this obsession with observing people and watching their facial expressions, along with their movements. Majority of the people who were shopping alone had a strange sort of feel. It was neither happy nor sad, but kind of nonexistent as if they were not feeling anything but indifference. I'm not sure if that makes sense considering I don't know these people and I am merely watching them, creating my own realities of them in my head. However, I feel that it is the most accurate way that I can explain it.

I saw this adorable, older woman attempting to reach for something on a top shelf. She had asked the man standing next to her if he could reach it for her. He helped and she smiled with thanks in her eyes. To be honest, I was thinking "She's definitely into him. She was checking him out." I laughed inside. I know I'm corny.

Sometimes I like to create different ideas of what a person could be actually thinking while shopping. For example, one woman was standing by the loaves of bread, staring at all of the different brands. I will never understand why there are so many different brands of bread. I figured she was either thinking about her boyfriend, children, or work, but she seemed to look kind of sad. Another couple was speaking Italian. They reminded me of Frank and Marie Barone from the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but on every aisle they went on they seemed as though they were arguing or I should say debating on what type of tomatoes to buy. It was the only word I could make out of their language. I thought that it was funny how the guy would say something and she would occasionally throw some smiling glares his way throughout their conversation. Then she hopped right back in with the debate.

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In the fresh vegetable and fruit section, people tended to swoop in with baskets. Constant weaving was all I saw. I almost got hit 5 times. I am sure that at least one of them were one of the drivers that were driving too fast on the ice. Some said excuse me and some didn't. That was how it was and how it usually is whenever I go shopping. 

I feel like there was at least 300 people in the store. I started thinking about the profit that a Meijer's store actually makes in a day. I also watched the people who worked there. Many were new, but there were also a decent sized group of people that I recall being their 3 years ago. The consistence most likely comes from their work ethic. Those specific people were always doing a great job whenever I saw them. Every now and then I would have a conversation with them. They were always helpful, but I couldn't shake the feeling that they weren't happy. There was some sort of sadness in their eyes, but not one was like the other. I guess that's how it is with people in general. Everyone's problems are different and what makes them happy is different also. I know that sometimes I tend to equate people's happiness with their own ranks of how lonely they are. I mean, you see those stares that certain people have when they see a couple. That "I want that. Could someone ever love me like that" stare and to be honest, I stare that way too sometimes. Although I find it more interesting to watch the people stare at the couple because it's a reflection of how I think that I probably stare. Sometimes I just want to walk up to those people and say, 

"You won't always be alone. You're an amazing person. You're going to get married some day." 

Of course, I am completely sure that the person would think I am crazy, they'd be pissed, or not know what I am talking about. I mean, I could just be thinking too hard and assuming that these glares are of wishing filled with loneliness, when really they are just simply watching someone walk by because they're just there, within view

Sometimes I'll see shoppers subliminally show hints that they are interested in another shopper or even an employee there, which is always interesting. Simple questions turn into long conversations with exchanged glares of "You are so attractive. I would love to cook you dinner any night." Then again, I could just be making up stuff in my mind.

Children are everywhere. Some are crying and I become annoyed. A mom ignores a baby and continue's shopping, which is understandable. You do what you have to do. The child eventually will stop crying anyway. I mean, we all did. I hear another one of them singing and it's utterly adorable. It's some mumbled together song, but still. Then the little toddler starts smiling at me and I get creeped out because I always feel like ALL OF THE CHILDREN ARE ALL IN ON SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW ABOUT!! I mean when people smile at me for a consistent amount of time, it's questionable regardless if you're a child or an adult.

So anyway, I start walking fast because I just need to get the last thing on my list, some bacon. I see a woman with a Meijer's advertisement paper and pen, examining the ground beef with coupons in hand. 

"I SEE YOUUUU GIRL! Saving that money for the bank, comparing prices and whatnot. You're just trying to save some money on this ridiculously expensive meat. I NEED TO BE LIKE YOUUUU!!!"

I didn't say that, but my mind was screaming it because I left all of my coupons at home. Regardless, she was focused. She looked at me and I just smiled as she smiled back. That's another thing I wanted to mention, I have to force myself to smile. 

I'm like, "Jasmine... Don't make eye contact because if you do, you're going to be awkward." 

I always feel like my face is awkward when I interact with people because my eye brows have a mind of their own. They start curving when I smile and I look like I'm going through some sort of a problem. It's like the bottom half of my face is happy, but the top half is like "Don't dare speak to me. Don't look at me!!" No one's ever said anything to me about it, but I feel like I definitely have some weird crazy chick face going on. Not to mention, people kept staring at me as I walked through the store. People always stare at me for some reason and it's not just a glance over. It's a legit "I'm going to stare at you for exactly 30 seconds and then once I lose sight of you, I'll stare at someone else the exact same way."I always feel self-conscious like there's something on my face, but there isn't. 

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When I finally grabbed everything that I needed, I headed towards the check out. I have a tendency of walking extremely fast once I know I'm about to leave. 

(Runs and stands on basket as it glides down the aisle.) JOY!!! 

And again...someone ends up looking at me as I'm doing this and for some reason that moment is always in slow motion. I DON'T KNOW IF MY MIND IS SLOWING EVERYTHING DOWN OR IF THE BASKET IS JUST GOING SLOW! 

Once I'm at the check out lane I want to be in, I just wait and listen to other people's conversations because I'm an eavesdropper. It's always hilarious to me to hear customer's discussions with the cashier. The customer is always extremely personable and smiling, like genuinely smiling. The cashier on the other hand is kind, but I know they're exhausted from being on their feet for hours at a time. They aren't as intrigued as the customer is. I started thinking "Can you tip cashiers?" 

Anyway, the cashier was almost done with scanning the items that the person ahead of me was buying. I began putting my items on the conveyor belt. I like to place the items with their bar codes facing up. I feel like everything goes quicker when I do so, plus it's a weird habit of mine that I have. I recall only one cashier that noticed that that was what I was doing and even though they thought it was odd, they appreciated it. Anyway, small talk happened with the cashier which I loathed. I'm not a big fan of small talk, but I always engage because it would be rude not to. The cashier talked a LOT, but they were smiling sooo I guess they were happy. I just listened to whatever they were saying, paid, told them to have a good night, and left.

It felt amazing outside. It was like 45 degrees. It actually felt better at night than it did earlier today. I loaded my stuff into the car and got in. I suppose grocery shopping in the evening wasn't so bad, but I don't plan on doing it again.