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13 Things I Learned My First Month of Blogging on Researching the Internet...

First Month of Blogging

I've actually been blogging for about 2 years, but I officially decided that I was actually going to focus on it more because I enjoy it. The main reason I started this blog was because I felt like I didn't really have anyone to talk to about the different things that I wanted to discuss. I started thinking that maybe there are other people interested in the things that I like or have certain concerns about things I've been concerned about. So I figured that a blog would be the best method of sharing my thoughts and ideas about things I love, in addition to the things I've experienced.

My first month of blogging on "Researching the Internet" was actually very surprising. I didn't really expect to get a lot of page views because I didn't really do any networking. I know that some of you do not think that that is a big number, but it definitely is a big deal to me and seeing this number in Google Analytics was one of the things that helped me realize quite a bit about blogging.

Here's what I learned...

1. Contemplating your website's domain name will take a while...

I had been debating the name of my website for about 3 months. I came up with so many different ideas and of course, the main domains that I wanted were already taken. I eventually decided on "Researching the Internet" because I am constantly looking up different things and learning about so many different topics. I purchased my domain for $9.84 from namecheap, which I think was pretty affordable. The process was easy and I would definitely recommend it if you're trying to buy a domain.

2. Your 'About Me' page is very important.

It took me about 2 days to write my "About Me" page. I couldn't really figure out what to say at first, but I eventually just started writing as how I would normally person. This page is very important because it tends to be one of those pages that people will eventually click on to see who exactly is the person who writes all of the material behind the website.

3. My creativity occurs at night.

I ended up writing a lot of my posts late at night or early in the morning, depending on your preference. It would usually be between 8 pm and 4 am. I've noticed that my ideas tend to flow better during that time.

4. People actually want to read what I have to say.

It's nice to know that people are interested in my thoughts and I love when I receive feedback on the topics that I talk about. It makes everything seem more personable and I realized that a lot of people are into the things that I like.

5. Setting up Google Analytics from the start is one of the best things you can do for your website.

This was one of the things that I failed to do with my other blogs. Google Analytics has been very helpful. It helps me see what people enjoy reading on my blog and how they are getting to the site.

6. Trending topics bring in traffic.

I wrote about two different topics that showed up on my newsfeed on my Facebook homepage. Both of them ended up bringing in a decent amount of traffic. I ended up looking those topics up on Google Trends and I realized that they had more than 100,000 searches for the day. So that was pretty awesome for me.

7. Editing is the worst part, for me at least.

I reread all of my posts at least 6 times. It was a very tedious process. I always feel like I overlook an error which causes me to go over the words again and even after I read the posts over again, I found an error a few times after I had already published it. I was pretty embarrassed, but you live and you learn.

8. Deciding on a template is time consuming..

I don't like the template that I currently have right now. I actually went through the process of editing it at least 4 times this past month, but it still didn't turn out to my liking. I am most likely going to purchase a template that fits my blog after I have accumulated a decent amount of posts.

9. You don't necessarily need a specific niche.

I was contemplating on if I should focus on creating a niche site. I have read a few hundred of articles that stated that a niche site is great, if you want to really turn your blog into a business. I eventually came to the conclusion that if I created a niche site, I would either run out of things to talk about or I wouldn't be happy about writing on the topic, which means I probably wouldn't write at all. I rather just write about a variety of different topics that I actually enjoy, instead of just one specific topic that I don't think I could speak about everyday.

10. Writing about things I am interested in makes everything easier..

This is a really big deal when it comes to creating a website and running it. If you enjoy the topic, you will be able to produce content on the regular. If you do not enjoy the topic and are strictly writing about it to gain traffic or money, the process will be draining.

11. Sometimes you will write a 3000+ word post with ease, nonstop.

I wrote at least 2 posts with 3000+ words. They were all TVD (The Vampire Diaries) related but I actually enjoyed writing about it, even though my wrists and fingers were in pain.

12. I'm secretly terrified of networking on social media and reaching out, but I'm slowly becoming more confident.

Ever since I started writing online, this has been one of the things that I don't focus on. I would always feel like people wouldn't read my blog if I shared or that they would be annoyed by me sharing something I wrote. I've started to break free from this slowly and I am actually receiving some feedback on my writing which is very helpful.

13. Google Plus is full of traffic.

Google Plus is a gold mind. I received a lot of traffic from being involved in different communities. It is definitely a secret treasure that I don't think a lot of bloggers use to their advantage.

Overall, November was pretty decent considering I published 13 posts and didn't do too much social networking. I think I did pretty well. I am really looking forward to the future. I know that I am going to learn a lot on this blogging journey.

For all of you bloggers, both new and old.... What do you think is one of the most important things when it comes to blogging?


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