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6 Reasons Why Attending Twitter Parties Can Help You Connect, Gain Traffic, and Get You Hired

A Twitter Party is an event where Tweeters come together and discuss a certain topic. It happens at a specific time and it consists of connecting with other Tweeters using a hashtag. They can last anywhere from 30 minutes to about 2 hours. I originally started attending these parties because the companies who were hosting them offered prizes to win. A lot of people do not know that different companies actually have Twitter parties monthly and they giveaway some of their own products, in addition to gift cards. 

I started attending these Twitter parties about a year ago, but it was never in relation to my websites. I didn't realize until recently how much of an advantage going to a Twitter party can be for my blog.

Here are 6 reasons why attending Twitter parties can help your website.

You are making connections with people who are interested in the things you're interested in.

I suppose getting involved in these parties could actually help you grow yourself a community of people that you could bond with and grow with. I have made a few connections with the party goers. Some were bloggers and some weren't. Regardless, you'd be surprised by how friendly people are and how easy it is to converse with them.

You'll be able to exchange tips and ideas that could give you inspiration for a new blog post.

At almost every Twitter party I've attended, I have gotten new ideas for a topic to write about on my website. I've also learned a lot from other people too. 

You can exchange links, which will drive traffic to your blog.

On more than one occasion if I had a post that related to the discussion, I would post the link to it and tweet it to the people involved in the party to make it apart of the discussion. It's worked a few times and I even noticed a spark in traffic for the day.

Quick Tip: If there's a party you're interested in going to and you know it's not happening for a few days, I would suggest writing a blog post related to the topic. On the day of the Twitter party, you will be able to tweet your link to other people attending the event..

You will also get noticed by brands.

I've attended these events in connection to brands like Sears, Kmart, Kotex, Walmart, CVS, and a few others. If you do have a blog post related to the subject at hand and you link to it, the people behind the brand's Twitter accounts may notice it and take the time to read it. I would suggest using a catchy headline upon introducing the link, since there will be at least 100 other people tweeting.

You could get hired.

In relation to getting noticed by brands by linking a post related to the discussion, they may even follow you on Twitter and want to work with you in the future. Of course this also depends on your traffic and PR.

Another way you could get hired is if you attend a blogger or writer Twitter party. Some of them maybe looking for guest posters or just writers to contribute to their websites in general. They could hire you or even ask you to work with them.

Depending on who's hosting the party, you could win prizes.

A lot of these events offer prizes for being apart of the discussion. I have won a few gift boxes and gift cards in the past. You could either keep the free stuff or give it away on your own website as a reward to your readers, in addition to boosting your traffic.

Overall, Twitter parties are definitely a great method for connecting, getting your name out there, and gaining traffic. It's one of the best Twitter Marketing strategies I've used.

If you're interested in going to one, conduct a search on Twitter. To search for Twitter parties related to your niche, simply type in the topic of your niche in the Twitter search box. For example, if you're a beauty blogger... type in "beauty twitter party" or "beauty twitter chat." You can also do a general Twitter party search by clicking this link

Have any of you attended any Twitter parties or do you plan on going to one now? 
What did you get out of attending or what do you plan to gain from attending one in the future?