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A Year of Receiving Free Products from Influenster + Reasons Why You Should Join


If you haven't heard of Influenster it is a network of people on a website that review and discuss different products. Influenster is mainly known for sending free items to their network of people to try out, review, and share over your social networks. I've been a member of Influenster for over a year and I have gotten an assortment of free stuff. I've gotten free beauty products, food, and even household items. Influenster also gives occasional clothing or gift cards away for completing specific campaigns/tasks, but first let me tell you the process of joining Influenster and how to get free products.

Influenster ModaVoxbox from last month
You can join Influenster by creating an account on their website. After you confirm your account, you must type in your information and connect all of your social network accounts.  When I say social networks... I mean Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Youtube, etc... Facebook is definitely one of the first social networks you should confirm. You can also connect your blog to your account. When you connect your networks with Influenster you will receive a score that impacts how qualified you are to be apart of certain programs for receiving the free products. Once you connect, you can sign up for different badges. Within the Lifestyle section, I am signed up for 3 different badges (Collegiate [because I'm in college], Better World [which focuses on giving, volunteering, and donating], and the Wellness badge [which focuses on health]). Within the Expert's badge section, I have 8 badges (Tastebud [all food], Beauty Queen [beauty related], Fashionista [clothing related], Sweet Tooth [candy, cakes, cookies, etc. related], Eco [environment friendly related], Decorator [design], Pop Culture [entertainment], and Techie [technology]). Within all of these badges you can write reviews and answer questions to boost your score. I have noticed that when I am active in these badges, I am more likely to receive a survey in the future to receive free products.

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What you actually receive when you are chosen to receive free items to try is a box. It's called a Voxbox. Within these Voxboxes are different products you can try and you usually have to do different tasks like posting a picture on Instagram, using hashtags on Twitter, following company pages, creating Pinterest boards, or even making a video. As for how you are chosen to try different products, you will usually receive a pre-qualification survey. You must answer this survey within the time frame otherwise you won't be able to get in. If your demographics and product uses fit the survey, you will receive a confirmation email saying that you have been accepted into a Voxbox program. I have noticed that Voxboxes are usually sent within 2 weeks of receiving the confirmation email.
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After you receive the box, you check it in on Influenster under the campaign that it is and complete different tasks. If you complete the box's tasks, you will receive a badge for it. However, each product in the box will have its' own badge that entitles you to win prizes if you are chosen to win. For example, a badge for a product could say that if you unlock the badge by posting a picture on Instagram, tweet about it, and share a picture on Twitter... you could be one of the 100 people who receive a $10 gift card or it could say that if you complete the tasks that you will receive a box full of extra products. It all varies.

These tasks/challenges last for a good month or so and you should attempt to be active and complete at the badges within the box. I mean, I never complete all of the badges. I usually complete 2 brand badges, but I still receive boxes... which brings me to another point. If you are sent a Voxbox, it is mandatory that you submit the After survey. I call it the after survey because it is the survey that is sent like 6 days at the least after the program has closed for the Voxbox... When I say the program is closed, it means that you can no longer submit the assignments for the tasks for the Voxbox badges. If you do not submit the survey by the date given, you will not be allowed to receive anymore boxes in the future. I also feel like if Influenster has sent you a pre-qualification survey in the past and you did not respond, then they will assume that you aren't interested and remove your name from being a possible candidate for a Voxbox. It might not be true, but that's what I'm assuming they do.
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Another thing I would like to mention is that Influenster also can make those brands involved in the Voxbox campaigns notice you. For example, a couple of months ago I received a Voxbox that involved Rimmel London products. After the campaign was closed, Influenster sent me an email stating that some of the people who worked at Rimmel London loved the blog post that I created for the free products I received and considered featuring my blog post in one of their marketing campaigns. I don't know about you guys, but I think that is pretty awesome.

I mean, the main reason I joined Influenster was to get free products, but after I realized that you could even be recognized by a brand.... I figured that that was another reason to join. They also offer discounts to different websites and even have campaigns where you can win gift cards. There is currently a campaign going on for completing tasks to receive 2 $10 Ebay gift cards, which I should definitely get started on right now.

If you guys are interested, SIGN UP HERE AND JOIN!!! Make sure you connect your Facebook page to really get in on all of the action happening at Influenster.

By the way, if you want to join Influenster you must live in the United States or Canada. It is for both men and women.

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