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Clothing Under $10 Review : EVERYTHING IS $10 OR UNDER!!! + Should You Order From Here? review,clothing under 10

A few weeks ago I found a website called Clothing Under 10. Apparently everything on this website is under $10. I was pretty excited when I found it, but also skeptical. I originally thought that this website was a scam based on the lack of reviews on this company. However, I decided to make a purchase anyway because I'm adventurous and I also wanted to share with you guys my experience with shopping on this site. There was some sort of 2 for $10 deal going on at the time I made a purchase. I decided to go for it and purchase 2 items for $10.


The time it took for shipping was reasonable. Clothing Under 10 is a Google Trusted store, which means that you will receive a package from them and if you don't, you'll receive your money back. I payed $5.95 for shipping. I ordered from Clothing Under 10 on December 16 and received a confirmation email. It was processed and shipped on December 17th. They ship through USPS and I received my package on December 23rd. So it took 7 days for me to get my package.


clothing under 10,clothingunder10 review

My purchase was sent to me in a polybag.

These are the products I received.

clothingunder10, review,clothing under 10

I purchased 2 pairs of leggings because they had a 2 for $10 sale. I bought 2 pairs of rose printed leggings. They were two different types. One had a pink background and the other had a black background from what I remember, unfortunately I received two of the same pairs of leggings instead of two different ones. This was somewhat disappointing to me, especially since I couldn't pull up exactly what leggings I ordered because they did not show up on the receipt. It shows up as though I purchased the same leggings twice when I didn't.

clothingunder10,clothing under 10 review

As far as the quality of the leggings, these are the best leggings I have ever owned. I mean the fabric feels amazing. I believe that this is mostly because these leggings are made out of mostly polyester whereas other leggings are made out of mostly cotton or spandex. You also have to hand wash them otherwise they will shrink. The value is definitely a key factor. I really like the way they feel though.

Would I Purchase From Clothing Under 10 again?

To be completely honest, I would. I mean some of you may think receiving the same product is a deal breaker, but I figure that their system is just flawed. It's kind of like maybe because the keywords were the same, the purchase ended up showing up as the same product. There are a ton of other items that I would love to buy on this website like the jeans, pants, and rompers. I am definitely going to review this website again when I make those purchases. I just have to make sure that the description is different when I order. If I end up with similar products the second time after carefully choosing items that aren't similar, then I may dub this company as a place to not shop from.