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December 2014 Goals : Blogging and my Personal Life

Last month I had a few goals in mind for this blog, but nothing set in writing as to what I really wanted to get done. This month, I have a decent amount of goals that I hope to accomplish with both this blog and my personal life.

Blogging Related Goals for December

- Reach 1000 views this month.

I had 465 views last month and I would like to increase that number.

- Post at least 20x this month.

I only created 13 posts last month, so I just needed to post 7 extra ones. I think it's a reasonable amount.

- Create Pinterest page.

I am hoping that Pinterest will bring in a good amount of traffic once I create my page.

- Aim to post 50 website/blog comments a week.

I read at least 40 different blog posts daily, but I rarely ever comment on them. I read that blog commenting can promote a decent amount of traffic and it can create a connection with the website owner, in addition to the other readers. So this is definitely something that I need to focus on.

- Add  RSS feed (email subscription) to my website.

I never did this with my other blogs, but I know that I need to.

- Focus on Twitter targeting, 50 tweets a week.

- Write at least 2 college related topics, 4 TVD posts, 2 SEO, and 2 recipe posts.

I want to have a few subjects that remain constant on the website monthly.

- Begin my first case study.

I am obsessed with case studies and they are definitely going to be a big part of my website.

- Post at least 4 videos on Youtube.

I need to work on being more confident and comfortable in front of the camera. The amount of videos I create will probably grow as time goes on.

Other Goals for December

- Finish my online TEFL course.

Last month I began taking a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course, so that I will be able to receive my certificate to teach English to foreigners. I'll create a post about the experience.

- Complete Influenster and Crowdtap tasks.

- Update and reopen my online store.

My store has been closed since August due to a few unforeseen events that happened. 

- Design at least 4 sketches for the shirts in my store.

I've been coming up with designs for my clothes for a while, but I never stuck with any of them.

- Get my books for next semester's classes.

I have 4 classes that start in January. Two are six week long courses and two are three weeks long. I feel like I probably should have took two at the beginning of the semester and two towards the end, but I think I'll be able to manage it. I go to school online, by the way.

- Clean and organize my studio.

Once I get my studio together, I will be able to post more videos and begin more projects.

- Workout.

My stamina is awful and I definitely need to do something about it. I have become extremely lazy over the past few years. I need to change my life.

- Catch up on the past episodes of Once Upon A Time.

I am probably 8 episodes behind this season. I need to get to the current episodes because I have no idea what's happening.

Now that you've read my goals, what are your goals for this month?


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