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HairWigHarlem Shopping Experience


This is going to be a quick overview of my shopping experience with HairWigHarlem. I will not be discussing the actual wig that I purchased, considering it's a gift. Lol This was my second purchase from their website. HairWigHarlem sells wigs, braids, and ponytails. So the website mainly sells hair. I began transitioning in January of this year and to be completely honest wigs (full wigs) are one of the best things you can use for your hair. 

I love HairWigHarlem because all of their wigs are extremely affordable. I usually purchase wigs under $24 and they will usually last me about a year or two. I probably wear a wig 6 days out of the month. I do not wear them daily, which maybe a factor when it comes to how long they last. Regardless I have purchased majority of my wigs around $17 and they were a great bargain.

*Quick fact about my wig buying*

 Most of the wigs I purchase are short wigs and they have color in them because I'm terrified of cutting my real hair and putting dye in my hair.



The checkout process was easy. I love that Paypal is an option. The wig I purchased was on sale for $15.59, which was a great deal. HairWigHarlem has weekly sales and sometimes you are able to use coupon codes. I would definitely suggest signing up to their email subscription because they will send all types of deals to your email. 

Shipping was $6.58, but you can also receive free shipping if your order is over $49. The last time I purchased from them I was able to buy 3 wigs for around $51 plus free shipping. For me personally, I would prefer to buy 3 wigs at one time instead of just 1 or 2. It gives me more options.



I ordered from HairWigHarlem on December 2nd. My order was processed the next day. I received my order today. It took 8 days for me to receive my package. Considering that the company is in New York and I live in Michigan, I would think that it would take a shorter amount of time. However, they use FedEx and for some reason FedEx has a route where they go from New York to New Jersey to Maryland to West Virginia to Ohio to Michigan. So it takes an extra 2 days to get to me in comparison to other stores I've purchased from that are in New York that ship through UPS. 

That's just a little observation though...



My purchase was sent to me in a poly bag. My purchase before this one, which consisted of 3 wigs, was in a box. So just keep that in mind. 


Time for a recap

Where is HairWigHarlem located?

The only address on the website I see is New York, NY... So I am assuming that that's where they are located.

How much is shipping at HairWigHarlem?

Shipping is probably going to be around $6.58 unless you purchase over $49, then it's free.

How long will it take my order to process?

In my confirmation email it says that HairWigHarlem takes 2 to 4 days to process your purchase.

How long will it take for me to receive my package from HairWigHarlem?

It's suppose to take 7 to 14 days. In my case, it took 8 days.

Would I recommend shopping at HairWigHarlem?

I would definitely recommend them because it is extremely affordable and they have a wide range of wigs.

Do any of you wear wigs or are you all natural?