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ModDeals Review: Shopping Experience + I BOUGHT A COAT FOR $11.50!!!

ModDeals,ModDeals Review

As you guys know, I love to stalk online stores heavily. If I find a store that sales a ton of clothing that is similar to my tastes I'm eventually going to make a purchase. A few months ago, I found this website called ModDeals. They have an assortment of women's clothing. You can find dresses, jeans, tops, accessories, makeup, and shoes. The shoes are everything!! I want to buy at least 30 pairs of shoes from their website. 

Now the best thing about their website is the prices. The highest thing on their website is around $16. Everything is extremely affordable. There are so many things that I want to purchase from this website, but because it was my first time buying from them I decided to only purchase three items. 

I found a few reviews on Youtube of different people who purchased from them, but I don't think too many people know about this company because there weren't too many recent reviews. I still decided to give them a shot and purchase from them anyway since I'm on a budget and I wanted to share with you guys my experience with them.

So let's jump into the review...


The process of checking out was easy. I really like that you can actually pay with Paypal. I think that's great and it shows that this website is trustworthy. The hardest part about checking out is deciding on what you're actually going to buy.

Another thing about this website is that you will most likely receive some sort of discount on your first purchase. There's going to be some sort of pop up when you first get to the website or there's going to be some sort 20%-40% off coupon on the right side of the website. I believe that it says that when you join their email subscription, you will receive the coupon code. I can't exactly remember, but based on my receipt it looks like I received a 40% off discount on one of the items, which is awesome. So definitely pay that attention when you make your purchase.


Hands down this was the fastest package I have EVER purchased in life with standard shipping. I payed $6.99 for standard shipping. They sent the package through UPS. They sent me a tracking number in the confirmation email of my items being shipped, which was great. You could either check the tracking on the ModDeals website or you could plug in the tracking number on the UPS website. I prefer to check the UPS website because it updates quicker. 

I ordered on Tuesday, December 16th and I ordered around like 11 AM in the morning. I received the confirmation email that same day saying that they had already shipped my package out and I received my package on Thursday, December 18th. So it took 2 days for me to receive the items I bought. Keep in mind they shipped from Kentucky and I live in Michigan. So I thought that that was awesome. I'm not exactly sure if the shipping was quicker because it's the holiday season or what, but the shipping was extremely fast.

ModDeals and UPS gets 5 freaking stars from me for shipping within 2 days.


This was another polybag situation. I bought a coat, leggings, and a makeup related product... So everything just fit right into this bag. I want to say that this is a 10 x 15 polybag. Every item was wrapped in an individual clear wrapper.

My Actual Purchase

The first item that I bought was this double breasted belted coat in the color Aqua. Here's what it looked like on the website. 

ModDeals Review, ModDeals

And here's what it looked like in person..

ModDeals, ModDeals Review

Don't mind the wrinkles. That was my fault when I was gathering all of my new clothes that bought recently to hang up. The coat is actually of great quality. It's more so of a Spring or Fall coat. I bought it in the size medium. That was unfortunately the only size available at the time, but it fits me nicely. I can layer underneath it since medium is one size up in comparison to the shirt sizes that I wear. 

ModDeals, ModDeals Review

It is lined. It is made of polyester, wool, and cotton. It also comes with an extra button. I'm barely 5'4, but it hits me mid-thigh. I will say that there were a few loose strings like around the buttons and by some of the seams, but they were easily cut off. 
Overall, I would definitely recommend buying it since it is only $11.48.

*Update: The coat is apparently sold out. I tried to find it or one similar to it, but I couldn't. 

I purchased these leggings.

ModDeals, ModDeals Review

I don't really own too many leggings, so I decided to buy these. I was actually looking for something to either workout in or just lounge in.

This is what they look like in person...

ModDeals, ModDeals Review

On the website they look kind of washed out, but they're much prettier in person. I purchased these in a size small, but I feel like I probably should have went up a size because I have some slight pudge. They still feel okay though and they will most likely be my workout leggings. 
Regardless, I only payed $6.38 for them.

The last item I bought was this eyelash adhesive. Now I don't wear fake eyelashes. I actually use eyelash adhesive for face jewels. It was only $1.50 and since I don't wear face jewelry a lot, it'll last me a long time.

Overall Cost

The fact that I bought a really nice coat that would probably cost me $30-40 somewhere else for basically $11.50 is what makes me want to shop here again.

The best things about ModDeals

Everything is affordable.

Everything is less that $16. I mean tons of their jeans are less than $13. They have some nice tops and there are a lot of pants with different prints that I want to buy.


I received my package in 2 days with standard shipping!

Everything is of a really decent quality.

Aside from a few threads staggling here and there, everything was of great quality.

They have a big variety of clothes, accessories, shoes, and makeup to choose from.

I feel like if you really searched, you would find something that you liked because there is something there for everyone in this store.

I hope you guys liked my review on ModDeals. I will definitely be purchasing from them again. 
I think that the next time I buy from them I am going to purchase some shoes and maybe a jumpsuit. 
So definitely be on the look out for that.