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Poem #1 : "It's So Easy to Get Caught Up"

I thought of this within 3 minutes. It was just a quick poem.

It's so Easy to get Caught up

It's so easy to get caught up in a world that barely loves....
When someone comes into your life and shows you kindness, warmth, solace...
Acts with more than enough potential to turn into something more...
It's so easy to get caught up..

And then later on.. 
you realize that the world got caught up in that other person long before that act of kindness... 

that warmth.. 
that solace.
The world got caught up in them in a way in which love doesn't exist to them because of past pains and agonies.
Because of perspectives within these views in the news and this society...

They figure that they're a realest now because the world leaves no room for hope.... 
of love.

Of course I love to hope.
So I got caught up in you..

And now..............................
I have no one to catch me.

The world never caught me.

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