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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 "I Alone" Thoughts

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 I Alone

The title of this episode was extremely accurate since I felt like almost all of the characters felt alone or deserted at some point. The episode's focus centered on getting Bonnie back and Kai getting his life back.

So here's my review of "I, Alone..."

Wine and Dine as you steal from me... while we're trying to bring Bon back from the dead.

The show opens with Jo and Alaric on a date... Wine and Thai food were on the menu. Jo ends up telling Alaric where the ascendant is during casual conversation. The next day Alaric delivers it to Damon. I'm assuming he grabbed it without hesitation because he was compelled by Damon to do so. Damon offers Alaric some food and compels him to forget what happened. Stefan does his judgmental thing and Damon's like 
"Come on brother... Let me just deal with this the way I'mma deal with it." 

Elena and Jeremy end up jogging together. Jer shows a bit of perkiness or I should say life. He isn't self-wallowing anymore. She says he's acting different...even better about everything. He comes to the conclusion that he gave up on pitying himself.. Elena then tells him that Bonnie is alive and that they're trying to bring her back. Jeremy doubts it and concludes that whenever he gets his hopes up...something stops the ggod from happening. It's inevitable. Elena tries to get him to understand that she's serious and he walks away.

I'm trying to keep you safe from your family, but we have even bigger problems because your killer brother is back from the dead.

Tyler tries to keep Liv hostage in his home to keep her safe from her coven.. They finally share a kiss... and she tells him that she's going to help Damon and Elena bring Bonnie back. Tyler thinks she should stay there, but she leaves anyway. Liv meets up with Delena in the graveyard where Elena's parents are buried.. and assumes that Jo just gave them the ascendant to use. Elena and Liv didn't know that Damon took it without Jo knowing.. Liv helps them travel to the past to where Bonnie is by linking Damon and Elena to her blood. They cross over to the past. As this is happening, we see that Kai is back in the present in a taxi cab. He begins talking his driver to death and I mean literally talking to him while planning how he's going to kill him... He eventually kills him with his earphones.
 What's the purpose though???

Family? What family?

The unnamed Salvatore girl wants to meet her family, Stefan and Damon. Matt disagrees at first, then believes that it would be a good idea since it is Stefan he's going to let meet her. We find out that her name is Sara Salvatore... Matt gets Stefan to meet him under false pretenses... Enzo shows up, unannounced at the meet and greet. Stefan shows up and Enzo spills the beans once again about something that Stefan's cousin is alive. Stefan is confused when he sees her.

Paging you while the killer is free.

Damon and Elena are in the past. Damon shows Elena how to use a pager, since Bonnie has Kai's old pager... 
(Wait a minute... How did Damon know that Kai had a pager? I thought that Kai got the pager AFTER DAMON WAS BACK IN THE PRESENT??? Maybe I missed that.
Anyway, Bonnie sees the message and calls them. Elena and Bonnie are extremely happy hearing each other's voices and they tell her to get to the house. She's only 6 hours away, so she hurries up and continues driving to them. Damon and Elena only have a certain amount of time to be there, which they fail to tell Bonnie.  Elena finds Damon's video journal that he recorded during the time he was on the other side with bonnie. He's embarrassed by it and shuts it off before she hears anything about her in it. 

Kai walks into the bar where Liv works, knowing who she is, he asks for a drink. She doesn't recognize that it's her big psycho killer brother... Kai thinks her nickname Liv.. (Live) is ironic...

I know what you did, even though you don't remember.

Jo shows up to Alaric's office and accuses him of taking the ascendant since he was the only other person who knew where she was hiding it. She believes that Damon compelled him. Alaric doesn't believe he did because they're best friends and they agreed to find a different way. She suggests that Alaric cross the border to prove that Damon didn't compel him to get the ascendant. 

In the past, Damon and Elena are making pancakes.. As they're eating, Elena stares at the 1994 newspaper asking him why would Jo give him something that could ultimately help kill her? Damon tells her that Alaric stole the ascendant for him after he compelled him to. Elena becomes upset and storms off. He goes after her... She then tells him that the only reason why he's trying so hard to get Bonnie back is so that he can get what he wants... Them to be together (because Bonnie could convince Elena that Delena was the real deal).

You're not my family...and you're supposed to be my dead family.

Stefan knows that the "Salvatore" girl is lying about who she is... Stefan then asks the waitress for chocolate milk shakes since the waitress has to use a loud machine. It's just so Enzo can't hear what Stefan is saying to the girl.Stefan begins telling the girl to get up and leave like nothing is wrong because she isn't who she says she is... Matt asks her is everything okay as he watches them get up and she tells him that everything is fine. Stefan and the girl leave the diner.

Liv finds out that the guy is Malachi, her big brother Kai... when he asks her for a drink and she says he doesn't look older than 19. He shows her his id... She only pays attention to the 1994 date, ignoring his name. He tells her to look again. Becoming terrified after realizing who he is Liv tries to run, but he grabs her arm and begins taking her power. She stabs him in the arm and tries to run, but he begins locking the doors so that she can't escape. As he's about to take the rest of her powers, Tyler shows up and knocks Malachi off of the balcony, which is perfect timing. Tyler grabs her and they run off while Kai lies, hurt on the bar floor..

At least I'm a honest killer, he hides everything he does.

Enzo questions Matt as to why the girl just got up and left with Stefan so easily. regardless if they're family.. With his enchanting words Matt agrees that they should drive together and follow them. Stefan and "Sara" are in the car talking. He tells her that she's not Sara. She shows him old pictures. We then find out that Stefan knows the real Sara Salvatore and that he has been protecting her and checking on her this entire time. He even set her up in a dorm for college. He tells her that he has basically kept track of her since everything that happened with Damon. He asks her who she is and she tells him that her name is Monique. 

I'm actually saving her because that's my friend... The world doesn't revolve around you, boo.

Damon tells Elena that Bonnie became his friend while they were in the past prison and that he wants her back just as much as her. As they sit on Elena's porch at her childhood home, she tells Damon that she regrets burning her house down. Damon then suggests that they explore her house while they have the chance to.  They get up and she apologizes for getting rid of the memories since they were only half hers. Damon declares that they'll make new ones together. Just as they're about to walk into the house, they get sent back to the present a hour earlier... Liv and Tyler bring them back, telling them that Kai is in the present. She then tells them that she can't send them back because he took a decent sum of her powers that was needed to do it. Also there was the fact that she was running for her life from her crazy killer brother. Elena tries to run towards Liv to grab her. It kind of looked as though she was about to attack her to bring Bonnie back, but she crosses the no magic border. She begins to burn and Damon acknowledges that it's no magic. I found this part hilarious because he just stands there watching Elena's face burn off and he's just like... 

"It's the Mystic Falls no magic borderline Elena.. I'm not crossing it to burn for you when you could obviously just run back over to where I am standing."

Anyway, Liv apologizes and runs off with Tyler on the other side of the border to hide from Kai..

"I'm just impersonating because I want a family.. "
"You don't need to be like this though, so I'm just going to make you forget that entire part of your life.."

We find out that Monique met Sara in foster care.. Sara had no desire to find the Salvatores.. Stefan tells her that he chose to protect the real Sara from Damon because he did not know what he would have done if he knew she was alive. He asks her to remove her vervain necklace and she complies. Stefan compels her to forget everything she learned, including even knowing Sara and tells her to leave Virginia... Enzo and Matt show up. Matt asks her what's going on and greets her. She doesn't remember him. Stefan then tells them that she's a con artist, pretending to be related to the Salvatores. Enzo asks Stefan why he would need to compel her. Stefan says it's absolutely nothing important. Enzo grabs Monique and tells Stefan that if he doesn't tell them what's going on, he'll kill her with vampire blood in her veins to find out.. When Stefan doesn't tell them anything, he snaps her neck. Matt is. of course, upset.

Hey buddy.. I'm alive, but you're going to die now.

Damon tells Elena that since they have the ascendant, they'll be able to get to Bonnie whenever they need to and that everything is going to be okay. Kai finds Damon and Elena in the graveyard... He still has Liv's powers. He uses them to attack Damon and break the ascendant, in addition to setting it and Elena on fire. Damon tries to attack Kai, but he uses his disappearance powers. Damon then smacks him across the no magic border.. The magic that put Elena on fire stops and Kai goes to find his siblings.. 

( When did Kai find out that there was a no magic border though?? I suppose when he was trying to kill people on the way to Mystic Falls.. or did Bamon mention it to him?)

It's always going to be humans against vampires. We can't coexist.

Matt realizes that vampires and humans will always be on opposite sides. He tells Stefan this. He also makes it clear to Stefan that he could have easily saved "Sara's" (Monique's) life if he would have just told them what was going on. He tells Stefan that vampires do not value human life at all. 

Elena tells Jeremy that they didn't get Bonnie back. Jeremy knew that it would happen, but he got his hopes up anyway. He picks up a glass of alcohol in hopes of drowning his sorrows, once again, for his lost Bonnie. Matt shows up and convinces Jeremy to be a hunter to kill Enzo, instead of drinking again. Matt has a vendetta against Enzo. 

Alaric confronts Damon about compelling him to steal the ascendant from Jo. He tells Damon that he crossed the no magic border as Jo suggested, to see if any memories were removed by Damon and he's pretty pissed because he thought Damon valued their friendship more than that. He punches Damon for compelling him and walks away... 

I, Alone.

Damon feels bad that  Bonnie is all alone. He tells Elena that he left a note for her, telling her that they were waiting for her. He feels bad that they weren't there... that he wasn't there for his friend Bonnie when she was there for him all of those times. In the other reality, we see Bonnie showing up at Elena's house on the porch. Bonnie doesn't see them there or hear them in the house. She begins to cry of lost hope and continues crying  on Elena's porch. 

Tyler walks in and finds Kai in his house... Kai gets up and acts as if he's going to stab him, but instead asks him if he wants to make a deal to save Liv.


Thoughts about The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 "I Alone"

Firstly, what's in store for Monique aka "The Fake Sara Salvatore"?

She favors Emily Bennett... I still kind of think she's related to Bonnie...
Maybe she'll be a love interest for Stefan...or maybe she'll go back to being a love interest for Jeremy since he's losing hope to save Bonnie..  I'm sure she's going to play a part in helping Matt destroy Enzo...

Jeremy and Matt are teaming up... to destroy Enzo.

I'm kind of excited about this because Jeremy hasn't really been getting any action in this season. You can't be buff all the time and not be able to show off that muscle for no reason. I would also like to add that I love Matt and his morals. Matt needs a girlfriend and a good one at that. He deserves love more than anyone on this show.

Kai is definitely going to get Tyler to handover Jo for Liv... of course he's probably going to end up killing them all, including Tyler. I hope Liv and her twin team up to save their big sister this time, since she saved them in '94.

Damon had a freaking diary... a video diary at that. The one vampire I never thought would ever have a diary on this show..

Other thoughts...

Technically, couldn't Kai just absorb Jo's powers from the knife in the present and let Jo live? I mean, do you HAVE to kill your twin?

How will Bonnie get out now? Who will save Bonnie?

I mean they could easily just go to the metal shop and make another ascendant unless they HAD to use that specific one, which means she's screwed.. Of course I definitely feel like Jo could help get Bonnie out since Bonnie's Grams helped her trap her brother... They worked together, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind getting Bonnie out... And again why has no one mentioned or explained to Jo that Bonnie is a Bennett...?

Another flaw... how come when Damon and Elena called Bonnie they didn't just say... 

"Yeahhh, soo we only have a few hours here... just a heads up and if we're not here, we're just going to have the ascendant in this specific spot and you can just get it. You know, just in case we have to go home."

 In addition to that, I can't even remember if Bonnie told them that Kai had everything he needed to be in the present. She also didn't even tell them the bear had her magic in it.. Like is no one thinking on this freaking show this season?

Damon...... how can you assume Bonnie was dead, if you saw Kai come back from the dead when you were there? He even told them that he tried killing himself multiple times and he never died, but I guess we're just going to forget all of this information.

Also, how come Damon didn't bring the bear back to the past with them? I mean, why else would Bonnie simply send a bear?... and technically shouldn't the ascendant that Kai used still be in the spot where the eclipse is supposed to happen? When Damon went through... the ascendant was still there.. When Bonnie sent the bear through with her magical powers.. it was there. It just came apart both times... So it should still be there in the cave..unless Kai figured out how to destroy it during the process of getting to the present.

Where was Caroline? You're telling me that she was just with her mom this entire time...?? How come she didn't want to try and help bring Bonnie back? She was the MAIN ONE trying to get everyone to help find Bonnie or was she just focused on bringing Stefan back?

Also, can Caroline just help Enzo maintain some sensitivity in his life? Come on Earoline... I mean, what is Enzo's purpose except to kill people and look extremely attractive...??

What is the Gemini coven doing at this point of time? Do they even know what's going on?


Let's just say that Stefan and Damon clearly aren't winning anything in their eternal lives this season...

At this point, Stefan and Damon should just share an eternity of bromance.. Let them skip and run through all of the flowers all over the world.


Just a Quick Honorable Mention 

Did anyone else notice that Jo and April Young look alike???? 

April was the pastor's daughter who Connor [the other Hunter] said that everything had to do with her during that Silas situation...but I guess the writers just wrote that out or thought no one was paying attention to that little segment of the series...but whatever... I mean they could easily be related. I'm sure the resemblance has no significance though.

In conclusion, it seems like since the beginning of season 5 there has been a ton of flaws in this show... Season 1-4 was amazing, but for some reason season 5 just either built something up to be nothing or there were too many holes in the plot where certain things didn't make sense. There are just too many flaws in this show, which makes me wonder how far do we have to go until they end it..I would still watch it because I love the story, but why are there so many holes in the story line?. Or did they add new writers that aren't paying attention or what?