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Threadsence Shopping Experience + Ordering the Surprise Style


Threadsence is a clothing store that is dedicated to mostly bohemian clothing. I feel like their clothes revolve around the summer time season, which isn't shocking considering this store is located in California. However they do have at least 100 Fall/Winter related pieces. 

While browsing online last week, I found out that Threadsence had some sort of mystery clothing on sale for $14.50.

The retail value of the item of clothing is supposed to be between a retail value of $34 - $168. So I thought that it would be pretty cool to try it out since I've never shopped here before. I decided to opt in for 2 items... I mean, purchase 2 mystery bags. I ordered in the size medium because I like for my stuff to be kind of loose instead of extremely tight. 

Since I purchased 2 of these Surprise Style clothing pieces my clothing total was $29 + $5.95 shipping. So $34.95 for 2 items of clothing. Now to be completely honest... I could have purchased about 20 items at a thrift store for $34.95 , but I decided to go through with the purchase because I was curious and because it was somewhat for my blog.


I placed my order on Thursday, December 11th. I received a confirmation email about my purchase and it also included a 20% off coupon code for a future purchase. The next day, December 12th, I received an email stating that my purchase had been processed and was already shipped out. They included the tracking number and they shipped through USPS. 

I received my package today, Tuesday, December 16th. I actually could have gotten my package yesterday because it was at the post office, but it had arrived after my mail carrier had already picked up the mail to deliver for the day. So it originally would have taken 4 days, but instead it took 5 days for me to receive my purchase. I think that's a decent amount of time since it came from California all the way to Michigan.



I received my purchase in a polybag which is cool, however it was a 10 x 13 polybag. When I saw the packaging I was just like... "Oh my gosh... I hope I didn't waste my money," because I knew it was going to be some sort of thin fabric in this bag. I also started questioning whether 2 items of clothing were actually in the bag, so I was pretty hasty to tear into the packaging. 

Both of the items came folded up, in their own clear bag.

What was inside my 2 Surprise Style Purchases?


The first thing I pulled out was this striped cowl neck sweater. Since it was folded up, when I first pulled it out.. I thought it was a sweater dress and I got kind of excited for about 5 seconds until I unfolded it. I don't own anything with a cowl neck, but it's a first time for everything. The fabric is pretty thin though. This is like one of those summer type of sweaters that you would layer over a tank top and it's see through. So I was kind of hurt about this.. Yes, I said hurt because again it's Fall (of course it feels like Winter in Michigan) and you would kind of think that the mystery piece would be focused on the Fall/Winter season.


The next item I pulled out was a sleeveless tie up blouse. Again, it's about to be Winter but they sent something Summer related. I actually like the blouse though. I love the detailing at the top of the shirt. It's in the back and the front. The blouse could be worn as a full top or cropped, depending on where I tied it... So that's cool.

Another Surprise

I also received a $100 off Wine Voucher on a $160 purchase from I was kind of excited about this until I found out that I don't stay in an area in which they deliver, therefore this is useless to me.

Not that I even drink anyway.

Overall thoughts about the Threadsence Surprise Style purchases I received..

Don't get me wrong, I love both of the tops. I will definitely be rocking both of these in the Summer. I would like to mention that both of these shirts do look like something that I would be able to find in Forever 21, but the quality is the difference between these shirts and shirts that you would find similar to these in another store. I love the material of both of these shirts. Both of these tops have it labeled on them that they need to be hand washed, which I could actually believe. They're very soft and they feel great against my skin. So I could definitely see them being priced around $34... 

Am I happy with what I received?

Yes and no. Even though these are great items, I was thinking that I would receive Fall/Winter items, but I did not. I was also hoping that since I bought 2 of these Surprise Style items that I would receive maybe a top and pants or a top and a dress. Unfortunately, I received 2 tops. I mean, I'm not questioning the quality or the style because I like both of the shirts... It's just that they sent me a sleeveless blouse and a thin, see-through sweater....

Would I purchase from Threadsence again?

Definitely... I would definitely buy from this store again, but I would probably pick my own pieces instead of being adventurous and buying a Surprise this time of year anyway. If they have this Surprise Style bag in the Spring or Summer time next year... I may purchase it again, just because I'm curious. Another reason why I would purchase the Surprise Style clothing is because it is much cheaper than paying full price for the clothes they sell. A lot of the clothes are somewhat expensive for my tastes, so buying a mystery style isn't so bad considering the prices.