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TVD Discussion: What are Kai's plans for Elena?? (The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11)

The Vampire Diaries Kai
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I just read an article on Wetpaint's Vampire Diaries Spoilers website and it discusses Kai's plans for kidnapping Elena in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11 "Woke Up with a Monster" which airs January 22nd. Apparently Kai is going to use Elena as some sort of tool to help merge with his sister, Jo and take over the Gemini Coven. They speculate that Kai could use Elena's doppleganger blood or maybe he plans on using her as a way for her friends to help turn over Jo in exchange for Elena's life.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the preview of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11 "Woke Up with a Monster"..

I just wanted to take the time to go into a more in depth thought of what Kai could be using Elena for...

It's all in the power of doppleganger blood.

I'm honestly not sure what Kai would use doppleganger blood for. I mean, he would also need Stefan's blood so I don't see that as being a likely resort. I also feel like if doppleganger blood was still of importance, wouldn't other witches come after Stefan and Elena? I mean, how would Kai even know about the dopplegangers? It would be cool if he was also a Traveler, in addition to being a power sucker. I was interested in the Traveler story line.

He's upset with Damon interfering with his plans...time and time again.

I feel like this would be going an extra mile, even for Kai. Whenever he does something, he does it because he wants something in exchange. I mean, he could be playing games with Damon because Damon has been giving him a lot of trouble and because he was the first to get out of that prison, but I feel like that would be a waste of time.

Damon is going to turn Jo over or help Kai merge with her.

Taking Elena as a hostage could be leverage that is strong enough for Damon to do something for him, mainly something in relation to Jo. He could want Damon to spy on her and learn what her tactics are going to be. He could also simply want Damon to bring Jo to him in exchange for Elena. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he did it, regardless of how Alaric feels about Jo.

Kai just wants a little loving from a female companion.

Kai has been locked away from everyone since 1994, so it's only logical that he would want some lady love. To some extent, Elena would be ideal from him, but let's be honest.... It wouldn't last. I actually wouldn't mind seeing him and Elena together, but Kai's too much of a sociopath. I mean Damon and Kai are somewhat similar, but Damon usually acted out of pain whereas Kai acted out of his love for power. Of course, I find it possible that Kai was hurt and he lacked love from his family and his coven which is why he became the way that he is. 

Maybe Elena could change Kai into a good guy like she did Damon, but I highly doubt the writers will allow that.

So what do you guys think is Kai's reason for kidnapping Elena? 
Do you think he kidnapped Elena for one of the reasons mentioned above or do you have your own ideas as to what he needs Elena for?