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UrbanOG Shopping Experience + My first pair of Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots

UrbanOG is an online clothing website which sells and assortment of items from dresses to shoes to accessories. It's a fairly affordable store that I have been stalking for the past few years. One of the reasons why I have been obsessed with this store is because they sell thigh high boots. I have always wanted a pair. I honestly wanted to find some in a store in person so that I would be able to try them on, but I either could never find any or the boots I found were $70+. I have always been extremely frugal, so I decided to not even try them on considering I wouldn't purchase them. 

It wasn't until last year that I found some affordable ones and they were on UrbanOG's website. To be completely honest, I waited a whole year to buy boots from them because I was undecided about which ones I was going to purchase. There are over 90 pairs of thigh high boots on their website, but I finally made the decision to purchase this pair.

thigh high boots

These are the Double Buckle Thigh High Riding Boot. Its sizes range from 5.5 to 8.5, which is great because I wear an 8.5. Of course, when I was ordering online I became slightly worried because sometimes you need to try the shoe on to see if it is a good fit. However, I felt adventurous so I decided to just go for it and order myself a pair.

Checkout Process

Checking out was simple enough. I added my item to the cart, added the coupon code I had, and filled in my information to make my purchase. I would like to make a note that if you register, you can receive points towards future purchases. So that's pretty awesome. I'm assuming you'd have to buy quite a bit of stuff from UrbanOG in order to use those points for something though. 

Within checking out, the website will ask you what you would like to do if an item is out of stock, which I thought was great. I can't remember exactly what it said, but I believe it was along the lines of you could either cancel the order and have your money returned to you or follow through with your order, but have your money for that item returned. I'm not exactly sure though, so don't quote me.

Once I submitted my information, I was sent a confirmation email that told me where my purchase was being sent to and how much it cost. It also said that I would be told when my purchase was processed. 



I purchased the boots from their website on Thanksgiving. They were on sale for $20 (originally $30.20). No sales tax was charged, which was great. At the time UrbanOG had sent me an email with a 30% off coupon code, so I got $6 off on my purchase. The boots were only $14!!!

However, shipping was $7.99. Now, to be completely honest, I thought that that was extremely high for shipping. The box with my boots weighed 2 lbs, but considering they were shipping from CA (California) I digressed and went through with the purchase. I mean, thigh high boots for $21.99 is still an amazing bargain.

**Upon checking their website, it says that clothing ships at $5.99 for the 1st item and free for each additional items. Footwear ships at $7.99 for the first item and free for each additional items.



They processed my order on Thursday, November 28. On Monday, December 2nd I received a confirmation email with my tracking number for my package stating that it had been processed and was on its' way. So it took 4 days for my purchase to be processed. I'm not sure if they process faster than this, considering this was my first time buying from UrbanOG, but I did take into consideration that I did order on a weekend and keep in mind that it was a holiday weekend. Most stores only process and ship Monday-Friday, so it was understandable.

My package was sent through UPS. I received it Friday, December 5th at my doorstep. I did not have to sign for the package. I would like to add that UPS will send you a confirmation to your email address within 20 minutes of dropping the package off, stating that the package is on your doorstep. (I tend to get a package once a week from UPS and I rarely ever have to sign for it.)

Overall, it took 7 days for me to get my package. It took 3-4 days to process and 4 days to ship to me. Keep in mind that UrbanOG is in California and I live in Michigan. So I think that that is very decent.



The boots came in a pretty big box. It had UrbanOG's logo on it, which was a nice touch.
Below is a picture of what the shoe box looked like.



The Thigh High Boots

thigh high boots

The boots are round toed with a flat heel. There's an interior lining with faux fur which feels nice, but it most likely would not keep you warm for Winter or at least not a Michigan Winter. I love the design of the buckles and zippers, which is what drew me to the shoes in the first place. The soles of the shoes are rubber. 

I'm barely 5'4 and the boots hit around around 3/7ths of my thigh (if that makes sense). I have petite-average legs. I thought that the boots would be kind of loose on me in the calf-thigh area, but they were not when I tried them on over my jogging pants. They fit nicely with my skinny jeans and leggings, in addition to fitting nicely without any sort of pants at all. 


*Quick Tip*

To some extent, you could probably get away with wearing these boots in the winter if you sprayed some sort of boot protectant on them, wore thermal socks, and had boot inserts inside of them. Of course, you would most likely have to order a shoe size up. You would also have to clean/wipe the faux leather boots once or twice a week if you wanted them to stay in good condition.


Free Gift

I also received a free gift with my purchase. 

PaperMate InkJoy pen

It's the PaperMate InkJoy pen.

A college student can never have enough pens so I was grateful. 

Time for answer some questions about UrbanOG

Where does UrbanOG ship from?
Where is it located?

UrbanOG ships from Chino, CA.

How much is Shipping at UrbanOG?

Clothing - $5.99 + free for each additional item
Footwear - $7.99 + free for each additional item

Click HERE for shipping costs at UrbanOG.

How long will it take my order to process with UrbanOG?

Based on my experience, it's safe to say that UrbanOG will probably take 2-3 days to process an order.

What shipping company does UrbanOG use?
What mailing company does UrbanOG use?

UrbanOG uses UPS to ship their packages.

How long does UrbanOG shipping take?

On the website it says 9-11 days, but it took me 7 days  to receive my package.

Overall, I would definitely consider buying thigh high boots from them again, in addition to just purchasing from UrbanOG in general. In the future, I will buy some clothing items from them to give you guys more detail about their quality.

What are your thoughts on thigh high boots?
What do you guys think I should buy next from UrbanOG?