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8 Things I Learned About Blogging in My Second Month on Researching the Internet

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Happy New Year Everyone!!! 

This year went by incredibly fast. My second month of blogging came and gone within the blink of an eye. I am super excited about my progression. I ended up connecting with a lot of people and exchanging a decent amount of different ideas. I learned a lot last month and I wanted to share with you guys what I learned my second month of blogging on Researching the Internet.

Firstly, let me share with you my stats for this month.

second month of blogging

As you can see, I reached my goal!! I had over 1000 views, which I am extremely happy about. I didn't do too much promoting, but I know this number could have been bigger if I had actually tried to network more.

Now onto what I learned in December...

1. Adding the related post widget is beneficial.
Last month I was posting recommend posts at the end of my blog posts and they weren't very attractive. I don't even think they received too many clicks. Once I found the related post widget and installed it, I noticed an increase in page views. I would suggest everyone install a related posts widget onto their website to decrease the bounce rate and increase views.

2. Directly tweeting people about a topic I created a post on creates bonding and it sends me traffic.

I did this with a few of the blogs I posted. I wrote about a topic that I saw a lot of people discussing and I linked my blog to their name. It was kind of like saying, 

"Hey, I saw you were talking about this topic or I saw that you needed help finding something, so I created a blog post dedicated to it. Hope it helps."

A lot of people appreciated it and thanked me for it. They also favorited and retweeted it on Twitter. I probably drove at least 100 people to my blog through Twitter targeting. 

3. Twitter parties drove traffic to my website, got me hired, and helped me connect.

I attended 2 Twitter parties last month. I ended up connecting with 2 brands, a few different bloggers, and I was even hired during the process. Check out the benefits of attending Twitter parties.

4. I checked Google Analytics daily or I should say hourly.

I could not help but check my stats daily. I was constantly watching how many visitors I had. I couldn't help myself. Being able to know about who is visiting my blog, how they are getting there, and seeing what people are interested in really helps me.

5. I debated on creating SEO content a lot.

I considered creating content directed at specific keywords that I researched, but I decided not to when I realized I wasn't interested in what I was writing. I mean, if you're not interested in what you're writing... how will someone else be? I decided to stick to topics that I actually enjoy talking about. To some extent, I use a lot of keywords naturally in my TVD posts and people who love that show appreciate when I write about it.

6. You should definitely create a list of topics to talk about the month before.

Two years ago, when I first started blogging I had a hard time creating content because I never actually knew what I was going to write about until the day of. Randomly creating topics to write about at the last minute was very stressful and I believe that it also showed through my writing. I think that if you make a list of the topics you are going to cover the month before, it gives you time to mentally prepare for writing it. Knowing what you're going to discuss in advance makes everything easier. It also gives you time to research on where to connect with people who would be interested in your topic.

7. Sometime you'll win prizes for blogging.

A Year of Receiving Products from Influenster

A few months ago on one of my other blogs, I created some content in connection with a product from Influenster. Influenster is a website where I receive free products to try out and review. I actually won in a contest which was based on a blog post that I wrote for one of the products, so that was pretty exciting. I won some beauty products worth $125. I'll share with you guys what I won in a future post, since I should be receiving my prize sometime this month. Check out ways you can get free products too.

8. I need to figure out my ultimate blogging goals.

Whenever I receive free products, I tend to wonder about my reasons for actually blogging. I enjoy blogging for free and it shows when I connect with people over topics I enjoy. However, at the same time I wouldn't mind being paid to do something I enjoy either. I've been paid to create posts/articles for other bloggers and websites, but never strictly for my own blog. I think that that will be one of my many goals for 2015.

I made 20 posts for the month of December which was my goal. I'm pretty excited for this month and the months to come in 2015. I know that I'm going to learn even more on this blogging journey.

What have you guys learned about blogging?