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A Book Lover's Dream... Thriftbooks Review!! I bought 3 books worth $60 for $16!!

thriftbooks review

I love reading, but a lot of books tend to be ridiculously expensive. I usually like to purchase my books at thrift stores near my house and on Ebay or Amazon in the used books section. It is very rare that I will go to Barnes and Noble and buy a book new unless there is a sale going on. 

About two weeks ago, I was surfing through my dashboard on Tumblr and I found a post that talked about a store called Thriftbooks. It turns out that Thriftbooks is an online used bookstore with a ton of different titles to choose from. I started typing in a variety of book titles, in addition to searching through different genres on their website and I was pleased. I mean, they had almost all of the Harry Potter titles on sale for $4. They also had some of the classics with Victorian binding on sale for $5 and I know that they are worth over $25 each. They also have a few movies on sale too. Needless to say, I was excited because I love reading! So I decided to make a purchase and I wanted to share with you guys my experience shopping with them.

The Process of Purchasing

It is extremely easy to add a book to your cart and  create an account. The only issue is choosing what books you are going to buy. I chose to purchase Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen ($3.70), Edgar Allan Poe's Sixty Seven Tales ($7.21), and The Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales ($4.67). When purchasing a book, they do offer different forms of the book. For example, some books maybe hardcover while others are paperback or it maybe designed a different way by a different publisher. So keep note of that.


THE SHIPPING IS FREE!!! You do not have to pay for shipping which is awesome. My order was split up into 2 different orders because the books came from different areas. In one shipment, I had two books and then in the other shipment, I had one book. They ship through USPS, however you will track your package through DHL. It will be standard shipping, which means that you will get your books within 4-14 business days. I ordered from Thriftbooks on January 2 and I received my first shipment yesterday, Saturday, January 11th. So it took 9 days for my first package to ship to me. I will update you guys once I receive my second shipment.


thrift books

The books were wrapped tightly in a polybag, which surprised me since I figured it would be sent in a box. The bag had the Thrift Books label on it.

My Actual Purchase

thrift books review

The first shipment had the Edgar Allan Poe Sixty Seven Tales and the Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen. The books were in fairly good condition. The Edgar Allan Poe book seems as if it is brand new. 

However the Fairy Tales book does have some writing in it. 
"I wonder if Charlene would have recommended this book?"

Would I purchase books from Thrift Books again?

I would buy from Thrift Books again because the books are ridiculously cheap and they have a ton of titles. You could most likely find any book that you needed. Then there's also the fact that they have FREE SHIPPING!!!! I will update you guys with my second shipment since I will be getting it sometime this week. 

Do you guys enjoy reading?
What's your favorite book?
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