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Bad News for Jeremy Gilbert (aka Steven McQueen) fans and the Beginning of the End of the Vampire Diaries

I absolutely adore Jeremy and I love that they chose Steven McQueen to play this role. As you guys know, we have not really seen Jeremy too much this season. With the no magic barrier that was recently removed in Mystic Falls and the death/other reality of Bonnie, he has not really been receiving a lot of screen time since he is still in high school. Unfortunately I am sorry to say folks, but it looks like we will be saying goodbye to Jeremy Gilbert. 

Producer Julie Plec confirmed that Jeremy will not be a season 6 regular as of the 14th episode for the remainder of the show, but do not fret. He is not being killed off..... again. Jeremy will be moving on to bigger things in his life....his adult life. It has been said that the series is beginning to come to a close and that over a period of time, we will begin saying goodbye to the characters as situations are brought to them. They will make decisions on who they truly are and what they really want for their lives.

To be honest, I have conflicting feelings about this situation because even though I love Jeremy.. the writers have not been attentive when it came to creating a story line for him. There was so much they could have done with his character since he was the last part of The Five, but they didn't. They basically made his character revolve around Bonnie... Which brings up another question... Is Jeremy leaving because Bonnie returned as a completely different person? We know that Bonnie is coming back, but she is said to be completely changed when she returns.

Regardless, I am sad about his departure and the fact that Beremy (Bonnie + Jeremy) will not be having a happily ever after. 

What do you guys think about Steven McQueen leaving the show?

The information was retrieved from Entertainment Weekly.