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Kettle Brand Real Sliced Potatoes + Kettle Brand Popcorn ... THEY'RE NATURAL SNACKS!!

I have been trying to eat a bit more healthier these past couple of months... so you guys know that when I was offered the chance to be apart of a BzzAgent campaign involving Kettle Brand chips and their popcorn... I was ecstatic. I received two free coupons to try the Kettle Brand Real Sliced Potato chips and the Kettle Brand Popcorn. I also received extra coupons that I shared with my friends and family. 
I unfortunately had a hard time trying to find this brand. I searched everywhere, but for some reason I couldn't find them. Luckily I found them at a Kroger, but they only had one flavor...which was the Sea Salt. I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to try the Sriracha popcorn and the Barbecue chips. I suppose I would have had to go to another store if I wanted to find those flavors. I think I'll try looking for some more of these snacks in the future. I feel like they would probably be sold in more health conscious stores.

Now even though I am trying to eat healthier, it has been a struggle. I love to eat salty snacks and I love to indulge in junk food. I was skeptical about trying these healthy...alternatives. I feared that they would taste ridiculously bland, but Kettle Brand surprised me. 

Here's my review of the Kettle Brand popcorn and the Kettle Brand Real Potato chips.

The Kettle Brand popcorn astonished me. I feel like it was somewhat an acquired taste after a while. I did have a bit of trouble trying to open the bag, which makes me assume that this bag was heavy duty for locking in the freshness. The popcorn tasted as if it was freshly I have never tasted popcorn that tasted this fresh before. I think that it is because of the combination of the bag that locked in the freshness and the fact that they used natural ingredients. These are the ingredients in the Kettle Brand popcorn; popcorn, vegetable oil, and sea salt. In comparison to other brands, there are usually a ton of other ingredients that I can barely pronounce. I also love that this is 0 grams trans fat and there is no MSG. I would like to make it known that there are no preservatives within this popcorn. In addition to that, it is a Non-GMO Project Verified food. Oh yeah.... and it's GLUTEN FREE!!!

It is definitely an ideal snack if you're trying to be health conscious. I enjoyed it... Of course I would probably add just a bit more salt or some sort of natural spices to it for added seasoning.

The Kettle Brand Real Sliced Potato Chips in the flavor Sea Salt had a ton of saltiness. Definitely one of the most saltiest chips I have ever tasted. They were a bit different from regular chips because these are made from real potatoes. It almost seems as though these potatoes were sliced and baked in my own oven. The chips are kind of thick and they are crisp enough to the point where when you bite into them..... you can hear the crunch in another room. 

I think that these are perfect just the way they are. They do not need any extra seasonings and any chip lover would most likely enjoy them, especially if they enjoy a crunchy chip. These are the ingredients within the Kettle Brand Real Sliced Potato Chips; potatoes, safflower/sunflower/canola oil, and sea salt. It's a definite health alternative to other plain potato chips.

Would I purchase these snacks again?

Overall, I would definitely recommend both of these. The Kettle Brand Real Sliced Potato chips and the Kettle Brand Popcorn are a health food lovers dream. If you're attempting to transition into eating healthier... this could be one of your go-to snacks because it's made with natural ingredients and it tastes pretty delicious.

*I received these products to try for free compliments of BzzAgent.