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My 15 Blogging + Work Related Goals for 2015

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A new year means new beginnings and also new goals to accomplish. I usually create new goals for myself right when I think of them, but I never give myself a deadline. I figure that if I gave myself a deadline I would get more done and be proud of myself. I decided that I would focus on completing the goals that I will mention in this post within a year.

Without further adieu, here are my 15 blogging and work related goals for 2015.

1. Reach 10,000 views a month and 5000 unique views on my blog.

This is one of my big goals for blogging. I would love it if I could reach that many people. I also want it to be consistent. Having 10,000 views every month would be ideal for me.

2. Start my Youtube pages and get 1000 subscribers on each of them.

I have always wanted to start a Youtube page, but one of the issues with creating a Youtube page is having a decent enough camera which has always been the issue. On my original channel, I currently have 75 subscribers. I am hoping that I can increase this number on my main page and the other pages I create. I also want to become more confident when talking in front of people. I figure Youtube would be a great way to start.

3. Get 1000 likes on my Facebook page.

I have 3 likes currently. I am hoping to increase that number, greatly as time goes on.

4. Have 1000 Followers on Google Plus.

My followers on Google Plus continues to increase weekly and I'm hoping that I can reach that amount of people.

5. Open my online store and successfully profit $300 a month from it.

I closed my online store in August due to a flood that occurred in my area in Michigan. I am hoping that I will be able to have my store up and running eventually.

6. Blog at least 18 times a month.

Last month, I posted 20 times and the month before that 13 times. I am hoping that I will be able to create enough intriguing content that people will want to interact with.

7. Gain 1000 Followers on Twitter.

I currently have 363 followers. I have not figured out how to gain more interactive followers yet, but I am slowly working on it.

8. Have at least 5 creations (blog post, video, picture) go viral.

This is definitely a big one on my list. Viral to me is having 25,000 people see something. I'm sure other people's definition of viral revolves around 1 million, but I'm focused on a reasonable amount of people seeing my content.

9. Create back links and get a decent PR ranking.

I currently have no back links and I haven't attempted to create any yet. This is going to be a big goal for me that I will have to steadily work my way up to.

10. Connect with other bloggers.

I like to connect with bloggers on Google Plus and also when I attend Twitter parties. This past week I actually started commenting on other people's blogs and I'm hoping that as I become more interactive, I will be able to meet some awesome people.

11. Become a better writer.

I know that this is something that I definitely need to work on. I must constantly practice writing and creating material. There's so many different things to write about in the world and I have a lot to say. I think the issue is attempting to put what I have to say in written form.

12. Become better at editing pictures and videos.

I am absolutely horrid at editing video. This is definitely a skill I need to work on. Once I buy a subscription to Photoshop, I will definitely have to work on my photo editing skills as well. I haven't used Photoshop in like 8 years.

13. Create some sort of music and publish it.

One of my lifetime goals is to create something in every art medium (watercolor painting, sculpting, dance, videography, etc). I have created some songs and a few melodies, but I haven't actually put them together. This will be one of those projects that will take some dedication.

14. I must begin fashion blogging.

I originally wanted to be a fashion blogger, but I either didn't believe in myself to do so or I didn't have the equipment I needed to take amazing pictures. Now that I do, it will definitely be apart of this blog.

15. Write at least 3 e-books.

I have at least 10 different ideas for e-books that I want to write. I have already started writing two of them and I am hoping that I will be able to publish them by the middle of the year.

With all of these goals I have to accomplish, I am sure that I will be keeping busy this year. 
Do you have any goals for the year that you would like to accomplish? How will you focus on executing them? Leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear it!