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Speculations on the Midseason finale of The Flash and thoughts on who Reverse Flash Really Is

After watching this episode a few times, I came to a few different theories. Cisco stated that there were two different people. It wasn't JUST one.. In the episode we saw Reverse Flash beating up Dr.Wells which didn't make sense at all if he was Reverse Flash. Of course he probably was trying to make it seem as though he had nothing to do with Reverse Flash. I started contemplating if Dr. Wells had a twin. However, I realized that Reverse Flash began beating everyone up.............. except Eddie. 

He simply stared at him and ran off. 

At the end of the episode we see Dr. Wells with the yellow suit and the machine in his little futuristic white room. Is it possible that Dr. Wells and Eddie are working together in the future? I mean, we haven't really seen them interact with each other at all... and we know that Eddie hates the Flash mainly because Iris was obsessed with him. Based on the comics, we know that Iris and Barry end up being married so it would all make a lot of sense. 

I also found out what Eddie's last name is.... Thawne. And what is Professor Zoom aka Reverse Flash's real name?? Eobard Thawne... EDDIE IS REVERSE FLASH!! In the comics, the suit makes Professor Zoom run fast. It's possible that Eddie is the one in the yellow suit.

A lot of people believe that Dr. Wells is actually Professor Zoom and a lot of clues point to him being Professor Zoom. He's obsessed with Barry. Since the beginning of this series Dr. Wells has been constantly checking the updates of the future. The Flash supposedly disappeared in 2024 and Dr. Wells is either trying to figure out where he went or trying to bring him back.

As far as there being two people during the altercation Cisco discussed at the end of the episode with Joe West... I also came to ANOTHER conclusion... It is possible that Dr. Wells is actually The Flash from the future..  In 2024 The Flash disappeared.... which means he probably traveled back in time to save himself as a child from Reverse Flash. 

He couldn't save his mother because her death is how he came to be in the position he is in today.. Reverse Flash came to kill Barry's mother... but another lightning person snatched Barry up and put him somewhere safe. When Barry's mother was killed Reverse Flash killed her, but the red streak could have ran Barry a few blocks over... which makes everything make complete sense to me anyway. Maybe Barry's future self ran in there to save his child self.

However, when you look at the gif you see the yellow flash actually moving Barry and not the red flash. Whoever the person was in the red was the one who killed his mother... So now I'm thinking what if Barry killed his own mother or what if there's another red streak?

Regardless, if Dr. Wells isn't Barry from the future... I came to the conclusion that the Professor is Dr. Wells.. and Zoom is Eddie. It's kind of like a two people person. Eddie and Dr. Wells could be working together. Then I also considered that Eddie could actually be Barry's older brother... and his mother gave up Eddie for whatever reason, yet kept Barry. It's just a thought though.

Overall, I'm just really excited to see Robbie Amell as Firestorm.

Update: Unfortunately my conclusion of Reverse Flash was wrong based on this article that explains Dr. Wells is, in fact, Reverse Flash.... but Eddie is definitely helping him.