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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11 "Woke Up With a Monster" Thoughts

The wait is over! It felt like forever for a new episode of The Vampire Diaries to come on and I was not disappointed whatsoever. In this episode we learned quite a bit and I am pretty excited to see what happens next. Without further ado, here's what happened on Season 6 Episode 11 "Woke Up With A Monster."

Woke up with a monster, not to mention all of these other people in my house..

Elena wakes up (tied up in a chair with vervain)... to Kai talking to her eating in Mystic Grills. Apparently he has too much magic and unfortunately he plans on practicing magic on Elena to learn how to control it. He ends up telling Elena how he couldn't do something simple like choke a guy, but instead he makes him burst out with blood. However, he tells her that he finally learned how to do a cloaking spell and a dead guy appears in front of Elena on the table.

Stefan wakes up to Jeremy half naked, cooking in his kitchen, leaving him no coffee. Apparently Liv, Jo, and Alaric are also in the Salvatore house...just preparing and chilling. Damon is by Sheriff Forbes, Caroline's mom's bed side, sleeping in the hospital.... having conversation about Elena and how their date did not work out.

Caroline starts being overly protective and concerned about her mom. However, she believes that vampire blood can save her. Damon ends up telling her that he doesn't think vampire blood can save her. 

Caroline's mom is released from the hospital. The doctor's tell her that they have done all that they can for her. She should just relax, get some rest, and enjoy the time that she has. They show up at their home to Stefan setting up an entertainment center for Caroline's mom, which she thinks is sweet. Stefan tells her he honestly has never seen anyone with stage 4 cancer before. Caroline decides that she is going to head to Duke to find a cure for her mom's cancer. 

Stefan volunteers to go because he has a friend there.

Elena wakes up with her arms chained up in a school. Kai knocked her unconscious by busting blood vessels in her brain. He was attempting to turn Elena's blood into acid. He tries it again and Kai ends up melting Elena's ring that lets her walk outside, in the Sun.  Elena ends up yanking the lights she was chained up to down and runs into a classroom. 

She starts freaking out as her ring runs down her fingers and disappears. Kai comes into the room she's in. Asking her why the ring was so important and how people can have sentimental value over things. He starts walking towards her. She sticks her hand in the Sun and it catches on fire. Then she turns on the gas to light Kai on fire.

 She runs to a phone in the school to call Damon and tells him that Kai has her in the school. He notices that she's scared. Kai ends up hemming her in a corner, but he has trouble controlling his powers. He eventually snaps her neck.

Getting some answers, stalking my great niece with a creep, and your brother is going to kill my woman.

Stefan and Caroline show up at an art student exhibition at Duke. Caroline heads up to the hospital to see the doctor she wants to see to get the info she needs. We end up finding out that one of the student's names is Sara Nelson. Stefan watches her and smiles. Enzo ends up standing next to Stefan, like a creep, attempting to find out what Stefan has been hiding. Caroline shows the doctor she wanted to see her mom's charts of her condition and compels the doctor to tell her if there is anything more they can do to help her. The doctor basically tells her that she can not be helped. However, she says that one of her patients is in a similar condition and Caroline says that she wants to see them.

Elena is locked up again by Kai.. She begins talking to him, trying to find any remorse of humanity in him. He ends up telling this story of loving his brother Joey and how he loved beating him to death more. He then goes on to say that he simply loves who he is..and that people disappoint to some extent.

Damon gets Liv to help him rescue Elena from her crazy older brother Kai. They pull up to the back of the school. She begins doing a cloaking spell to get them inside. Damon turns around and she's gone.. Luke shows up and says she doesn't have time to deal with this and that she needs to focus on teaching Jo. Then he disappears with a cloaking spell, leaving Damon there.

Having heart-to-hearts with killers.

Damon calls Alaric... Jo decides to help Elena, but Alaric says that she "can't even light a candle.." Jeremy jumps, standing with his a superhero. Jo doesn't want Kai to die. They have no idea what to do, so then Jo decides to cloak her and Damon. 

We then find out that Liv knows that Luke is stronger than her and she knows she'll die if they merge. Luke tells her that their dad wants them in Portland. He overpowered her magic in last season when everyone crossed through Bonnie and he overpowered her magic as she was doing the cloaking spell. She says that basically he can continue packing their witch books, since she won't be the one reading them. He feels bad as he watches her leave.

Caroline visits this guy in the hospital and reads his chart. He has a similar case to her mom's. He has no next of kin and he is practically alone. She ends up feeding him her vampire blood to test it out and see what will happen.

Kai stares at Elena as she's tied up. She gets creeped out. He begins cutting into her face. She heals and he wipes the blood off of her. He's practicing his self control with his powers. Damon and Jo walk into the school, debating their dislike for one another. They see Kai staring in the direction they are in. He's drinking pop and walks toward the recyclng bin. He puts the can in there. Kai can't see them within the cloaking spell. They're terrified, yet happy and follow him.

"You're going through a lot of trouble, man."
"You don't know what I'm capable of."

Stefan and Enzo are discussing... what he's hiding. Stefan tells Enzo that he took Zack's wife's body to the ER. They had a c-section and were able to save Sara Nelson. He kept that secret from Damon for 18 yrs. Enzo does not think that that's the big secret and still questions why he is keeping her concealed. Caroline calls Stefan asking where he is. She tells him that she's doing an experiment. Enzo disappears uninterested.

As Elena sits on the floor, still tied up, she notices her strings are cut. Damon cut them.. He shows himself to her and they hug.. Jo puts the cloaking spell on all of them. She tells them to hurry as Elena and Damon are talking about whatever... Jo's nose starts bleeding and she wipes it away. The spell is running out.

Liv tells Tyler that Luke is stronger than her. Ty wants to run away. Luke walks in and tells them that he told their dad that they weren't coming back. He doesn't want anything to happen to his sister.

As Elena, Damon, and Jo are walking out... Jo starts coughing. They notice blood and Damon catches her before she collapses, asking why she didn't say anything. Jo tells them that the cloaking spell takes a lot out of her, especially with more people. Kai shows up, sees them, and is like "Magic is hard, isn't it Jo??

We can save the ones who need saving, so it seems.

Damon tells Elena he's going to kill Kai. He gets up. Kai cloaks Jo and Elena. Damon stabs Kai, but he's doing an illusion and cloaking spell at the same time. THERE'S MORE THAN ONE KAI!! 

The cloaking spell wears off or Kai takes it off them. Jo runs. Then Kai ruptures Elena and Damon's brains to kill them. He runs after Jo, grabs her, and starts sucking her magic out. Jeremy shoots him and Alaric stabs him in the neck with a syringe. 


Damon asks Elena if she's okay. She starts shaking as if she's dying and pulls out a splinter. She starts saying that there isn't enough time.. as if she's going to die. She tells him to say whatever he needs to say now to her. Damon looks terrified and frantically tries to feel around her heart for another splinter. She starts laughing and they smile at each other because Elena is petty. Alaric and Jo run up. Damon's like "Perfect timing." They ask if she's okay and she say's, "I have never felt more alive."

The patient Caroline fed her blood to is up and walking around instead of lying in a bed like he was before. He's mobile. The blood worked. Caroline is excited. Stefan doubts it and tells her that he doesn't think it's that easy to heal someone, otherwise they would have heard about it. Caroline tells him to believe and that she has to get back home to give her blood to her mom.

The need to get to the bottom of everything.

Enzo shows up at the art exhibition once it's over. He begins antagonizing the person who helped set up Sara's work. He tells her that revenge creeps up on people when they least expect it. He compels her to help him pack up Sara's photography work.

Sara Nelson

They are back at the Salvatore house and Elena asks Damon out to dinner. Damon tells her that she either stands him up or she gets kidnapped, so maybe it wouldn't be a good idea.. teasing her. He agrees to go out with her. Damon and Alaric have a drink together. He tells him that Jo can't beat Kai. Alaric tells him that he believes in her and Damon sits there.. He then agrees with him and says "If you think she can, she can.." They toast to loving their women who make crazy, screwed up decisions.

Caroline and Stefan show up at her house where Sheriff Forbes is. On the porch, Stefan tells Caroline about Sara being alive. They share a moment where Stefan holds Caroline's hand and she thanks him for being there for her. 

She walks in to see her mom and Matt talking. She thanks Matt, comes in ,and tells her mom that there's nothing doctors can do to help her. She then tells her that her blood healed a cancer patient. She gives this heartfelt speech to her mom about wanting her around.

While this happens, the guy Caroline gave blood to begins coughing up blood. She drips some of her blood into her mom's tea and she drinks it.... The guy collapses on the floor, coughing up more blood, asking for someone to help him.

Thoughts on Season 6 Episode 11

Paul Wesley aka "Stefan" did a great job directing this episode. I think I love the episodes where he directs the most.

So I guess no one works at this hospital at night when the guy just fell on the floor coughing up blood. I thought there were supposed to be around the clock nurses?

Delena is apparently happening...again. I have nothing against it, but at the same time... I don't know how to feel about it. I do love Damon and Elena's little moments though. IT's like they're falling in love all over again.

To be completely honest, Kai's whole cloaking and illusion spell was shweet. That kind of shocked me. I dig Kai as being the villain even though he's annoying and demented.

To some extent, Kai also let Elena in. Kai only became this way because of the treatment he received and the way his coven saw him. It's actually kind of sad. It's no reason for him to kill people though.

Speaking of which... I was surprised Kai didn't blow Elena up. I think he's definitely attracted to her.

Kai recycles, but kills people. Littering is where he draws the line folks.

Jo is pretty weak, unfortunately. She'll definitely die if her and Kai merge.

The whole Luke being stronger than Liv thing.... I knew all along. I think it'd be great if Luke merged with Kai and took him out.

Enzo is a creep... stalking Stefan because he clearly has nothing else to do. I like his character, but he's starting to annoy me.

Caroline and Stefan..... Steroline seems to be happening, somewhat. I can't really say anything else about that, but I am secretly starting to root from then since Stefan seems happy.

Damon and Alaric bonding over a drink...just like old times. Bromance feels all over the place for me.

Jeremy using his hunter skills...with Alaric's help... FOR THE WIN! 
I legitimately jumped out of my seat and yelled "THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!! TEAMWORK!!"

Bonnie was just left out of this episode completely, which upset me... I am kind of upset how they all aren't thinking about getting her back because I'm pretty sure she could help stop Kai.

Also, what is Tyler's purpose again? Give him a story.


I definitely think Stefan and Caroline are going to end up having sex. It just looks like at some point of time it's going to happen when he is consoling her and the writer's did say someone was going to knock boots this season.

Damon and Elena will have sex. Their relationship is going in the right direction, so it's possible.

Sheriff Forbes will die. I mean, it's kind of obvious at this point that she's going to considering what happened last night.

The father of Luke, Liv, Jo, and Kai is going to show up..... with Bonnie.. This is a bit of a reach, but I think he'll be the one who brings her back to reality.

Sara Nelson will either be turned into a vampire orrrr maybe there is something else about her. I'm not sure on what her purpose is yet. I feel like Damon will feel guilty to see her, but I doubt he'd kill her at this point.

Enzo and Kai could join forces at some point of time. It's a bit of a reach, but it's possible.

Bonnie may be the one who merges with Kai. I feel like Bonnie could start murdering people when she comes back, but only when they get in her way.

Overall, what did you guys think about the episode?

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