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TVD Discussion: What do you think is going to happen once Bonnie returns?

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I love Bonnie and I miss her being with everyone in Mystic Falls. We all know that she is going to make it back to reality, but I'm wondering what she is going to be like when she comes back. Within the past few episodes, we have seen few glimpses of Bonnie. However, the moments we did see were full of sadness and also the beginnings of letting go. 

So how do you guys think Bonnie will react once she's back and what do you think will happen next?

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The obvious answer: She's going to be happy since she's actually going to be around people. 

She's missed seeing her friends, so she'll probably break down. I know Jeremy will be in tears and will embrace her wholeheartedly. Of course, he'll then snatch her up for some alone time for some loving. Damon will be happy to see her since they bonded for 4 months on the secluded side and she'd be able to convince Elena that Damon is a decent guy. As for her professional life, she'll probably go back to college and continue on where she left off.

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The answer of flipping the switch: She simply won't care about other people.

She may get into the mind state of.. "I can only look out for myself and care about myself.." or "What have you done for me after all I have done for you?" I also see her becoming a slight murderer. I feel like when she returns, she is going to take some supernaturals out of the life game.

The answer that makes slightly makes sense: She'll leave her friends behind.

Bonnie has given up a lot. She has saved all of her friends and their families countless times. Unfortunately she ended up losing family members to see them happy, in addition to getting herself killed a few times. I mean, her mom was turned into a vampire. Her father was killed. Her grandmother died trying to help her save Stefan. It would be no surprise if during her time alone she decided that she was better off without her friends since they have been apart of her family's doom. I could definitely see her taking a page from Stefan's runaway book and walking away from it all.

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An answer to consider: Somehow, she'll become the head of the Gemini Coven.

Bonnie doesn't have a coven. To some extent, I don't think any of the Parker siblings want to become the leader of the coven except Kai.... Bonnie could annihilate him and become the leader. I'm not exactly sure what that title holds or how she'd even get into that position, but it'd be interesting seeing Bonnie magically in charge of a ton of witches and warlocks.

The answer that would change everything about TVD: Bonnie could become the ultimate villain.

I love Bonnie as one of the good guys, but for me... She has always been the underdog. She sacrifices constantly and this attribute makes her an amazing person. Of course, this is also a flaw. She practically never got a moment to be happy without worrying about something or doing something for someone else. However, she could easily become mentally unstable with being by herself and alone that entire time. With as powerful as she is... she could return and destroy all of them. 

I also considered the possibility of her teaming up with Kai.

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It would be interesting if he failed in accomplishing his quest to become the leader of his coven and they joined forces since they'd have a relateable experience of loneliness. Of course, she could kill Kai.... once she retrieved her powers from the bear she put them in and just take over the world if she wanted. I mean, I doubt Bonnie would want world domination, but still. 

Through it all I love that Bonnie's character is extremely giving and loving, but she has always received the short end of the stick. She has always been caught in the middle. I hope that we see some sort of change in her. I just hope that it doesn't affect her relationship with Jeremy.

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Now it's time for you guys to tell me what you think is going to happen when Bonnie returns to reality...
Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.