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Walmart Online Shopping Review + I Received a Refund and a Free Gift Card!!

Walmart Online Shopping

Last month I made a purchase from Walmart. I was actually looking for a specific sleeping gown that I recall one of my family members wanting for Christmas and I ended up finding it on Walmart's website. I had never done any online shopping on Walmart before, but I decided to just go for it and try it out.

What is the process of purchasing from Walmart online like?

The buying process was simple enough. I only purchased the one sleeping gown. I just added my item to the shopping cart and checked out. It took me less than 4 minutes to create an account and submit my purchase. I payed $7 for the night gown.

How long does it take Walmart to ship?

Walmart's shipping cost was $6.97, which I thought was kind of high. I always assumed that stores like Walmart would have $5 shipping. I ordered from Walmart's online website December 19th, 2014. I received a confirmation email that same day. The next day , December 20th, I received a confirmation email telling me that my package had shipped and would arrive by Wednesday, December 24th, the day before Christmas. I was hoping that that would be the case which made me a bit relieved.  When I found out they were shipping through FedEx, I was somewhat disappointed because based on my past experiences with shipping with FedEx.... They tend to push back the dates of package arrival. On December 23rd I received another email from Walmart..

They said that it was a possibility that my package would not get to me before Christmas. If it hadn't reached me the next day, December 24th, I'd receive an eGift card as an apology for inconvenience.

On December 24th, I did not receive a package. I ended up receiving my package Friday, December 26th. So it took 7 days for me to receive my package from Walmart when I was supposed to receive it in 5. I didn't mind the delay though and my aunt loved the gift regardless. 

What does Walmart's packaging look like?

Walmart Online Shopping

Since I only ordered one thing and it was clothing, my purchase was sent to me in a polybag. The polybag had Walmart's logo on it which, was a nice touch considering I never see brand designed polybags. 

Walmart Online Shopping

My item was packaged in a clear bag, folded neatly.

Walmart Online Shopping

So, what happened with the free gift card from Walmart?

On December 29th, I received an email with a $10 egift card to Walmart, but I also received another email with a $7.39 refund. I was completely surprised that I received a refund and I was pretty happy about it. I mean it's only $7, but still.

Overall, what was the Walmart Online Shopping experience like?

I had a pleasant experience. I was able to track my package with ease. I loved their customer service and the fact that they were committed to pleasing the customer. I feel like the employees at Walmart should definitely be paid more for the time and effort they put into the company.