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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 13 "The Day I Tried to Live" Recap and Thoughts

Last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries was pretty interesting. Things definitely shook up and I am kind of excited to see what's to come for this week. A lot of things in this episode changed the game. So here's a quick recap of what happened in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 13 "The Day I Tried to Live."

Elena and Caroline plan on celebrating Bonnie's birthday even though she is in another spiritual plane. Jeremy is feeling kind of solemn about the issue of celebrating a birthday for someone who won't show up. Caroline attempts to avoid focusing on her mother dying and Bonnie not being there by finding a stuffed bear that Caroline hid from Bonnie when they were kids. Kai shows up at the Salvatore's house with a letter to Liv, explaining how sorry he is for killing Luke because during the merge he took on a specific personality trait of Luke's, compassion. He feels bad for ruining everyone's life and asks Delena to help him deliver the letter he wrote.

 In exchange, Elena wants to help Bonnie get back to the present....but unfortunately he can not do it even though he actually wants to help her. Elena, Damon, and Jeremy convince Kai to connect with Bonnie in the other plane. They go back to 1994, but they are only ghosts. Bonnie can not see them, but they can see her. They find her watching a video of her and Damon that they recorded before she sent Damon back to the present. Bonnie opens a specific bottle of liquor which Damon claims was the oldest in the house. Him and Bonnie agreed that if they couldn't live this life, they would drink that bottle and kill themselves.

Unfortunately the spell wears off because it takes a lot of energy out of Kai. He tells them that if she died, she would most likely die for good since it was his prison and not hers. Jeremy frantically tells him to simply create a way to take him back to Bonnie to stop her from killing herself.

Meanwhile, Liv is upset with the death of her twin brother Luke and decides to come after Kai. Tyler tells her that they should runaway together since Kai will be coming after everyone in the Gemini Coven, but she doesn't listen. She puts him in a deep sleep and goes to the Salvatore brother's house to kill Kai. Damon, Kai, Elena, and Jeremy find a way for Bonnie to come back to the other side by locating a point of magic, Silas's headstone with Quetsiyah's blood. 

Kai takes Jeremy to where Bonnie is to tell her and he finds her recording herself on camera in case anyone ever found it... During this, Liv uses a spell to lock Damon and Elena in a room upstairs. Liv shows up in the room him and Jeremy are in doing the spell. She begins killing Kai. Jeremy and him get back to reality since the magic wears off as Liv attempts to kill Kai. Kai eventually tries to kill Liv, but he can't because of his compassion that he acquired from Luke. 

Liv then attempts to kill Kai, but Jeremy uses his Hunter skills and hits Liv in the shoulder with a fork or a knife. He then tells Kai to take him back and out of the kindness of his heart, he does. 

Bonnie starts the ignition of the car, creating smoke in the garage and sits on the floor next to it. She begins crying as Jeremy watches her and kneels beside her, stating that she is losing it and that she is lonely. She tells Jeremy that she wants him to be happy and to follow his dreams in life. She begins coughing and as she tells the camera her last thoughts, she remembers that her grandmother told her to be strong. Jeremy yells at her to get up and to save herself as her lungs fill with smoke. He attempts to push the garage door, but because he is a ghost it doesn't open. She struggles to crawl towards the door and Jeremy continues to push the button to open it. Bonnie almost doesn't make it, but some how Jeremy pushes the button and the garage door opens giving her air to breathe.... Then he disappears.

Stefan and Caroline end up bonding some more while looking for the stuffed bear and eventually find it. Liv wakes up. Tyler explains to her that he begged Damon to let her live and that he brought her back to her dorm, He breaks up with her.

 Elena tells Jeremy that he should go away to art school and he submits his application. Bonnie finds the atlas with the coordinates written in it and heads towards Canada to get Silas's headstone. Oh and Delena has sex for the first time since Damon has came back to reality...

Overall thoughts on this episode

Kai's remorse and compassion makes me like him even more. I secretly would want to see him and Bonnie together, but I know she won't forgive everything he's done. However, I feel like TVD keeps building up villains on this show only to tear them down so quickly.

Liv is annoying and I don't like her. She always ends up getting in the way at some point. 

This means that we will being seeing less of Tyler unless she redeems herself.

Jeremy is leaving the show, which we have seen in a preview for this week's episode which sucks.

Bonnie will be back, but I'm not exactly sure about whatever drastic change the writers spoke of. Pretty sure Bonnie will have a problem with them working with Kai and could possibly turn on everyone..if he's still there when she gets back to reality.

Steroline is happening. I'm debating on my feelings towards it since I have ALWAYS saw Stefan and Caroline as being cousins or siblings.

Delena is happening..........again.

I wish they would bring werewolves back into the picture, but I guess that isn't going to happen.

I left out the whole Enzo and Matt episode where Enzo has Matt spit game at Sara Salvatore which was hilarious. Enzo wants to get into Sara's life and turn her into a vampire apparently. I'm over it already even though I kind of like Sara Salvatore's character. It would be cool if her and Jeremy went to the same school though.

To me The Vampire Diaries is starting to be repetitive especially with the whole Delena relationship, Bonnie sacrifices everything, Elena being the victim, and half-done villains. I am excited to see how Kai comes to terms with his new personality traits, Bonnie being brought back to reality, and how the Gemini coven will handle all of this. I am even interested in watching the Caroline and Stefan development, but at the same time....... 

It's just... It's something about Steroline and Delena that seems somewhat forced. I'm sure a lot of you will disagree with me. I mean I love both of the relationships and I see how it all happened, but at the same time something is off about both relationships...or at least for me personally. I actually would prefer for the show to end on a level where everyone lives happily ever after single, but I know that won't happen... It's just the whole you sleep with my brother and I sleep with your ex thing is just getting to be ridiculous. It's how every show on television is and it just seems awful. 

I think that the only way I would actually completely enjoy the Delena relationship was if they became human, got married, and had babies... I mean if Quetsiyah could create a human cure, couldn't another witch do it as well?

Also does anyone write in a diary anymore?

What are your thoughts?? Leave a comment and let me know.