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Cartoon Style: 3 looks of Daria

Daria Outfit

Daria usually wears an orange shirt, but I decided to go with an orange dress instead. She's known for wearing a green blazer that hides curves, but this blazer cinches slightly at the waist. I decided to pair the dress with faux suede boots which only hit as high as the ankle.

As for the makeup, the lipstick would be a nude or pink color, depending on your skin tone. A thin line of eyeliner on the top lid would resemble Daria's eyes and the nails would be a dark green color.

Daria Outfit

This bright romper is ideal for an upbeat outfit, but pairing it with the blazer and boots tones it down a bit. I'd suggest going with a smokey eye for this look. A combination of black and white eyeshadow with some eyeliner on the top lid and bottom lid really sets the tone. I figured that the sunglasses and choker were great for giving this look a mysterious sort of vibe.

Daria Outfit

I feel like this outfit is perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring right now. It is also exactly like Daria's. I absolutely love this green blazer. The detailed bow on the pleated skirt gives a girly appeal and the sweater is conservative. These patent ankle boots give this look a slight edge along with these brown tinted cheetah framed glasses.

What do you guys think of my outfit ideas for dressing similar to Daria?