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Prom Dresses Under $150

prom dresses under $150

It's prom season and I know that a lot of teenagers are having trouble finding an affordable dress to wear. I found a few dresses on sale at some well-known stores with amazing reviews. I am one of those people that question shopping online, especially since a lot of places are sketchy or they send you something that looks nothing like what you asked for. However, these dresses that I have found won't break your wallet and they are absolutely gorgeous.

prom dresses under $150

The first, second, and fourth dress would look great with earrings either equivalent or smaller than one inch, but the third dress would look lovely with a beautiful necklace dangling around the neck.

prom dresses under $150

The blue dress is vibrant. You'd definitely stand out in a crowd with this dress. The beaded neck of the second gown would require no need for a necklace. I'd suggest wearing a bracelet or a bangle with it. The purple dress would look great if you accessorized it with long dangly earrings and a silver or gold clutch. The Calvin Klein Gown would look amazing with a silver or gold necklace.

prom dresses under $150

All of the dresses above would look great with either long earrings or a beautiful necklace.

prom dresses under $150

The first, second, fourth, and sixth dress would be great with some simple studs. Their collars don't require necklaces. However the third and fifth dress would look amazing with necklaces or simple earrings that aren't bigger than an inch.

prom dresses under $150

I love the tint of orange within the bottom part of the pink dress. The orange dress with the cut-outs is my favorite out of the dresses within the picture above. The third dress is simple, but gorgeous. I'd wear some studded earrings and a few bangles with this dress. The fourth honestly doesn't even need accessories, but I'd definitely have a silver clutch in my hand if I wore it.

I LOVE THE FIRST DRESS! I would buy it even if it wasn't for a prom. As for the yellow dress, I love the way it's accessorized. I like the design of the waist on the third. It's different, but simple.

These are just a few of the prom dresses that I have found for under $150 online. I will continue searching for some more affordable dresses this week. 

How do you guys feel about these dresses? 
Would you wear them? 
I personally would buy some of these just to have on hand for evening events.

**When it comes to buying a prom dress or shopping anywhere online, make sure you check your body measurements and the measurements of the item you want to buy.**

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