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Sailor Moon Figuarts Action Figure Doll Review (I Bought it for $14.98!!!)

Sailor Moon Figuarts Action Figure Doll

When I heard about the new Sailor Moon Figuarts Action Figures I absolutely wanted them. I started watching Sailor Moon when I was around 3. I was obsessed with it then and even now I am still obsessesed, especially since they rebooted it. I decided to do a search for the Sailor Moon action figure online. On Amazon it was around $38, but I honestly did not want to pay $38 because I'm a college student and my money must go towards other things. So the next best resort was Ebay. I've purchased quite a few things on Ebay without any problem so I was confident that my purchase would be well-received. 

I bought the Sailor Moon action figure for $4.99. Since quite a bit of people had already purchased it from the seller, I figured I wouldn't have any problems. I paid $9.99 shipping which I thought was a lot, but in total I paid $14.98 so I saved around $24 in comparison of buying from Amazon. The doll was shipping from China so I knew it would take a while before I got it. I received it 3 weeks later.

The box had a ton of either Chinese or Japanese writing on it and pictures of Sailor Moon. To my surprise the action figure was ridiculously small which I was kind of disappointed about. It is 5.9 inches tall. I thought it was going to be around 11 inches, but I was sadly mistaken that they did not create action figures of that height. 

Sailor Moon Figuarts Action Figure Doll

It came with interchangeable hands and faces in which you could change her facial expression. It also came with two versions of her Moon Crescent Wand, one with the Imperium Silver Crystal and one without it. In addition to that, it came with a yellow frisbee which is what her tiara turns into when she throws it and for a nice little surprise... Luna was hidden away inside. 

Sailor Moon Figuarts Action Figure Doll

It also came with a stand that was supposed to help her stand straight up, but it didn't work for me. She kept falling over when I used it, but she can actually stand up without it.

Sailor Moon Figuarts Action Figure Doll

The facial expressions of Usagi Tsukino aka Serena Tsukino are very realistic. I received 5 extra faces, but 1 of them was actually missing a tiara from their forehead.

Sailor Moon Figuarts Action Figure Doll

You can easily take the hands off, but I'd suggest being very gentle with the wrist part and the hand part because it feels very delicate. It could easily break. 

The head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, knees, and ankles move and/or bend.

Sailor Moon Figuarts Action Figure Doll

You can change the faces by popping off the hair bang piece and then taking off the face piece. On every interchangeable face the back of it has 3 prongs that allows you to place it inside the three holes that help to keep it locked in.

Overall Thoughts on Sailor Moon Figuarts Action Figure

I'm glad I paid $14.98 for it because there are some issues with it that involve the missing tiara, some painting issues, and small errors with the mold of the model itself... However I do like it. I doubt you'd be able to play with it unless you were extremely gentle with this action figure. If you'd like to buy one, check out the seller I purchased from or the other sellers on eBay.

I plan on buying the rest of the Sailor Senshi sometime this Spring/ stay tuned for those reviews.

Also I'd like to know if you guys would be interested in a giveaway for this action figure because I was debating on doing a giveaway with something Sailor Moon related. 

Leave me a comment if you would like for me to have a giveaway with a Sailor Moon action figure.