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TVD Season 6 Episode 16 "The Downward Spiral" Recap and Thoughts

Last Thursday's epsiode had me feeling all types of ways. It definitely changed the entire feel of TVD for me. If you haven't seen last week's episode, I suggest you watch it here and avoid the Spoilers that are within this post.

Now let's jump into what happened on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 16  "The Downward Spiral"..

Caroline just burried her mom. We find out that she has officially turned her off her humanity switch, which is interesting. She basically self analyzed herself without her humanity when she "almost" killed Liam, out loud discussing the factors of police finding his body and leading his body straight to her if she did. She is probably the most intelligent, turned-off-humanity vampire we have seen in the history of The Vampire Diaries.

The reunion with Bonnie and Elena wasn't the way I thought it was going to be. I felt like there would be tears, but there wasn't. Then Caroline waltzs in without humanity, but it was slightly terrifying because she was in control. Caroline definitely has the potential to be a legitimate psycho killer without humanity.

Kai is unfortunately still manipulative. He used the information he had on Damon's mom to convince Damon to schedule a meeting with Bonnie. Apparently Kai felt bad about everything he did to her because you guys know he absorbed Luke's compassion when he uhh... killed him. 

Bonnie straight up told Damon that there was no way he was good and made it clear he didn't want to see him.

Damon asks Kai to come along with him to dig up his mom's grave and she's not in it.

Stefan is practically losing it because he feels like he is the reason Caroline turned off her humanity. Elena tells him that she wants to be humanity less for a year and that if they even attempt to turn her humanity on....she will cause havoc for all of them. Stefan still wants to try anyway.

Sarah Salvatore begins taking pictures of Enzo. He is extremely fascinated with turning Sarah into a vampire and he announces to her that he is one which she is uninterested in. 

Caroline sees him talking with her and doesn't seem to care. Enzo finds out Caroline turned her humanity off and seems to have a hint of sadness within his eyes about it.

Stefan finds out that Caroline is throwing a rave party at Whitmore. Elena, Bonnie, and Stefan crash it. Elena sees Caroline showing her vampire creeper-I'm-going-to-eat-this-guy eyes from across the room as she dances. Caroline mouths the words "I'm fine" as she smiles and continues dancing. 

Elena starts to think she has it undercontrol. Some guy tries to convince Bonnie to dance and she burns him after he doesn't take no for an answer.

Bonnie seems to be having a bit of trouble with being around people after being alone for so long. Damon calls her and ends up showing up at the rave, telling her to not be upset because Kai is with him. Bonnie almost blows her top off when she sees him as Kai attempts to apologize. She then tells him she will melt his face off if he sees him again as she storms out of the rave.


Stefan begins to tell Caroline how he feels, attempting to convince her to turn her humanity back on. He thinks he's reaching her and she tells him she'll be right back, leaving her own party. Gullible Stefan thinks Caroline is considering turning it back on for him as she walks away. Elena walks up and Stefan tells her what happened. Elena goes off on him about letting her leave and that she is going to do something reckless since she told them not to interfere.

Bonnie ends up almost killing Damon as she becomes extremely upset with him for bringing Kai near her. She slightly tortures Damon, making him feel all the pain Kai inflicted on her as he bled out. 

She yells at him to leave.

Caroline bumps into Enzo and slightly tries to seduce him, but he turns her down. He prefers her with her humanity on. She then tells him that Stefan most likely compelled Sarah to be uninterested in vampires which helps Enzo understand why she didn't care when he told her he was a vampire. He walks away from her, but Caroline pickpocketed his phone and contacts Sarah Salvatore. Stefan receives a call from Enzo and then Caroline spills the beans on Enzo having her number. Then she also tells him that Stefan should be worried about her killing Sarah.

Caroline is at the bar, creating margaritas as Elena and Stefan walk in. We find out that Caroline compelled Liam to operate on Sarah Salvatore. Caroline tells them that they can save Sarah if Stefan turns his humanity off. 

She has Liam on speakerphone and then tells him to cut out her spleen as Sarah yells for him to stop. Stefan continues to talk to Caroline to get her to stop. Elena asks Liam where they are. They find out that they are at Whitmore and Elena runs towards the college to save her.

Stefan continues to convince Caroline to stop. She tells Liam to take out Sarah's heart instead. Elena calls Stefan while she searches through Whitmore because she can't find Liam or Sarah as she tries to hear her screaming through all the rave party noise. Stefan then tells Elena to "bring him back." 

Stefan begins to turn his humanity off. Elena finds Liam about to kill Sarah and throws him across the room, She feeds Sarah her blood to heal her. She calls Stefan and tells him that she saved her.

We then see Stefan drinking margaritas as Caroline lays on the bar next to him. Stefan turned his humanity off and could care less.

Bonnie finally calls Jeremy and tells him that she is alive, but that she needs sometime to herself because she's different. However she does like the new her, examining the scar that Kai left her back in the prison world.

Damon feels bad for betraying Bonnie and Kai walks in, telling him that the Salvatore brother's mom was a vampire. She was an ultimate ripper who slaughtered a LOT of people. She even caused the Pearl Harbor massacre. Damon is in denial and wants Kai to let her out. He tells him that he would need the ascendant that put her there, but he also tells him that it'd be a bad idea to let her out. She'd be a psychotic killer considering she's been locked away for 100+ years. Kai then leaves.

Thoughts and theories on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 16

STEROLINE IS THE NEW VILLAIN and I did not see that coming at all. I'm actually excited for how this is going to turn out honestly. They have this sort of Bonnie and Clyde thing going on, but I feel like it's not going to turn out well in the end.

BONNIE HAS A LOT OF POWER and she is also losing it. Can you blame her for her reaction to Damon? She isn't taking shiznit from anyone and I am proud of her. However, I feel like she may end up going off on a lot of people or possibly killing a lot of people, maybe even a friend or two.

Enzo's plan for destroying Stefan's life has went down the drain. Stefan won't care, but it's possible that Sarah Salvatore could be the key to bringing his humanity back.

Kai may secretly like Bonnie, but it most likely won't happen even though I kind of would be interested in seeing their relationship unfold. However at the moment Bonnie is somewhat bent on destroying his face if she sees him again.

Will Jeremy come back? The writers already said that he would not be a regular, but will he come back to town now that Bonnie is back?

Damon is about to come to terms with his mother and who she really is. Of course, I feel like his mother could careless after such a long period of time. However, we do know that she faked her death and it was most likely to protect her children.

I do wonder how Stefan will take the news that his mom is back, but I definitely think he won't care at the moment.

I am contemplating how will this news about Damon's mother will effect his relationship with Elena.

I also wonder where Matt was during all of this? Also was Alaric and Jo just spending all their time together away from this? I feel like they may eventually leave this town to keep their baby away from any type of supernatural entities.

Also this is the first time I actually analzyed the time frame of the show. It seems as though this entire episode covered the course of 2 or 3 days. Everything changed in a split second and I am excited with the way the writers created it. They stepped their game up!

I'd also like to say Ian Somerhalder did a great job with his directing debut. This episode was everything. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I will also like to add that I like Caroline without humanity's makeup and hair, even though it's unimportant. I kind of like it.

So what did you guys think of last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries?