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Mulan Already Has a Live Action Movie and It Is Perfection!

I recently heard that Disney had a live-action Mulan in the works which is amazing, but while scrolling down my neverending Tumblr dashboard I found a post stating that there was already a live action Mulan. The movie is called Mulan: Rise of a Warrior also known as "Hua Mulan". It does have English subtitles, but do not let the factor of reading subtitles stop you from watching this movie. It is based on the true legend of Hua Mulan. I would like to make a note that Disney Mulan was a children's version whereas Mulan: Rise of a Warrior is for adults.

Within Disney's version of Mulan, they make it seem as though Mulan went to war not only to take her father's place but because she brought dishonor to the Fa family for not being a suitable woman for marriage. Within Hua Mulan, her main concern is to protect her sick father and to defend her country. I won't say too much about the plot, but Mulan goes on to conceal her identity and fight in the war for 12 years. She also becomes a general. Within this legend, you will also see the connection of how the role of her becoming a Disney princess came into fruition which seemed to be a part that was somewhat left out in the Disney version of Mulan.

Zhao Wei did an amazing job portraying Mulan. There was so much passion within her performance. Chen Kun who played Mulan's true love, conveyed so much respect and love for her. It was all very believable.

The Differences within Disney's Mulan and Hua Mulan

- Mulan already knew how to fight and had no problem defending herself.
- Mulan was not focused on marriage.
- Mushu and the ancestors were not a factor, unfortunately.
- She was in war for 12 years.
- No one knew she was a woman but two people.. until her return home and she was not looked down upon for being a woman once everyone found out.
- Shang was not the name of her true love and the position of her true love is not oversimplified as it was in Disney's Mulan.
- The Rouran tribe was the enemy within Hua Mulan, not the Huns.

I won't knock Disney's version of Mulan because it was amazing. Disney is known for bringing the magic to fairytales and true stories, but I would definitely recommend checking this version out because of the truth within it.

The story is full of love, strength, and loss. I would definitely suggest that you have a box of tissues nearby if you are a sentimental person. The fight scenes tend to be very disheartening and full of dispair, but the sacrifice paved the way for the stars in the sky (movie reference).

Do not hesistate to watch this movie. It is very much so worth it.

Once you have watched the movie, let me know what you think about it.
How do you guys feel about Disney's live action Mulan in the works?