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Nina Dobrev Exiting TVD? My Thoughts on the Possible Storylines!

I found out last night that Nina Dobrev did not sign on for Season 7 and that this would be her last year on the show. There has been a lot of talk about her leaving the show these past 3 years, so I was not too surprised. The hours she put in playing Elena, Katherine, and Amara had to be draining. Of course she also wants to spread her acting wings and fly on towards other things. So what does this mean for the The Vampire Diaries?

Ian Somerhaulder (Damon) and Paul Wesley (Stefan) have signed on, but how will things progress with Nina (Elena) leaving the show since they revolved around her for almost 6 years? Here are my thoughts on what will happen...

Damon and Elena will try their hardest to make things work, but Lily Salvatore will put a strain on their relationship. Damon may come to the conclusion that Elena should be human and give her the cure to live a normal, vampire free life through compulsion.


Elena could be killed by Stefan or Caroline with their humanity switch off or Mother Salvatore will kill Elena. I definitely think that if Elena did die it would trigger the humanity switch for both Caroline and Stefan to turn back on....

If Elena is killed, next season Damon could contemplate taking the cure and becoming human or take the cure in the season finale.

I know that there are a lot of people secretly rooting for Bamon (Bonnie + Damon), but I do not see that happening. However, it is possible that they could attempt to make them an "item."

I mean, who knows.... Bonnie could kill Elena, especially considering how upset she was with Damon. She could snap on Damon and Elena would come after her to attack her...and then boom. Elena would die.


Elena could die trying to save Sarah Salvatore. Damon would then find out that she is alive and then Sarah could bond with Damon... or Sarah could end up being turned into a vampire and Damon would give her the cure because he would not want her to have that life, in addition to him feeling remorse for killing her parents.... I mean, it'd be cool if Season 7 just focused on The Salvatores doing some family bonding....discussing what happened throughout their years. But then again, maybe Sarah would attempt to kill Damon every chance she got.

As for Steroline, I feel like Stefan may put his relationship on hold with Caroline because he will realize that he still was in love with Elena or Steroline will make it work. To be completely honest, I think that Elena still has some feelings for Stefan because even before he turned off his switch she was talking about Stefan a lot.

She even confused the picture of Stefan as being Damon as if she gravitated towards it and with the way Alaric erased her memories of Damon, she probably still does have feelings for Stefan.....which also explains her reaction towards Caroline when she told her that she kissed Stefan at Sheriff Forbes's funeral.

I am secretly hoping Caroline goes to New Orleans to be with Klaus honestly or just seeing Klaus's reaction to her having her humanity turned off would be perfection.


So how do you guys feel about Nina Dobrev leaving the show? 
How do you think they will write her off the show?
Leave your thoughts on what you think should happen?