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Recap of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 19 "Because" + IDEAS ON WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT

Last week's episode was amazing. This will just be a quick recap of the main things that happened on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 18 "Because".

SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't seen the episode yet.

So this episode was about getting Caroline back for the most part. Apparently Caroline's mom, Liz Forbes, wrote Caroline a letter just before her death and Stefan was supposed to give it to Caroline. Stefan planned on convincing Caroline that he didn't turn his humanity switch off, locking her up and playing the role of beng locked up as well. Within that, he then planned on Damon and Elena torturing her, draining her of her blood.... Then giving her the letter. However that did not go as planned. 

To make a long story short, Stefan set up a hotel situation and Damon acts as if he is keeping them hostage so they can turn his switch back on. They drain Caroline of blood and vervain her, as Stefan acts as if he is still reckless. Elena gives Caroline the letter, but Caroline tells Stefan to burn he does. Caroline rants about how Elena is sad about being a vampire and how she wishes she was human but it will never happen. Elena gets mad and walks away while Damon and Stefan listen. 

Damon creates a hypothetical scenario of where Elena saw their relationship going if they both were human... She tells him and when she asks him, he explains that he only sees her in his future and that's it.

Caroline realizes Stefan's humanity is turned off when she attempts to make advances towards him. She ends up trying to kill him and almost succeeds, but Stefan shows her memories of his last time talking to Sheriff Forbes when she was writing the letter to Caroline. Caroline sees these memories of Stefan and her mom talking about her and writing the letter in her home. She thinks he is playing with her. Caroline then wants him to show her more. She ends up seeing her again, but when Stefan leaves the house within his memory... Caroline can't see anymore of her mother. She then starts calling out to her mom to see her again, but it is only a memory. Stefan realizes her humanity is turned back on. Caroline begins beating herself up about everything she's done. She also becomes extremely sad about not reading her mom's last words to her considering she had Stefan burn it. She asks to have space from Stefan.

Lily Salvatore (Salvatore brothers' mom) makes attempts to meet with Bonnie. They agree to meet at the Mystic Falls Grill. Matt is supposed to help Bonnie distract her as she looks for the ascendant in the Salvatore house, which is what Lily was requesting to see her for because a Bennett witch must do the spell to get to the other prison world to get her witch vampire friends out. 

Enzo shows up to interrogate her to figure out what she left him the night she changed him into a vampire. She recognizes him and ends up telling him that she wanted to bring him with her, but she ended up being placed in that prison world that same day. Enzo tells her that she was probably tricked into coming to the Grill and she leaves. Bonnie finds the ascendant and leaves. Lily shows up with Enzo, realizing it's gone. She starts getting upset and Enzo leaves.

Lily asks Damon where the ascendant is, but he doesn't know anything. She then threatens to destroy the cure for Elena. Damon finds Bonnie doing her witch thing to destroy the ascendant. Damon attempts to attack Bonnie, but Bonnie stops him and explains to him that if she really wanted to give Elena the cure..... he would have told her about it already. She also explains that she isn't about to sacrifice herself anymore and that she is not about to unleash vampire witches on the world who no one could probably stop. Damon then let's her destroy the ascendant.

Damon walks in on his mom by the fireplace. She asks for the ascendant and he says he doesn't have it. She then destroys the cure, but then says that she realized that he was like her and do everything in his power to keep the one he loves. She reveals that nothing is in the box.

Elena finds a ring box that is arranged for her and she opens the box with the cure in it. Lily tells Elena that he hid it from her and leaves. They get into an argument, but then Damon says that he would take the cure with her.

Lily contacts Enzo and explains to him that she needs her family in the prison world back because she ripped someone's head off with her teeth. If they were there, she would not have did that or so she claims.

Thoughts on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 19 "Because"

Steroline is over or at least it seems that way. Caroline will realize that Stefan has the potential to make her want to turn her humanity off is he upsets her.

Lily and Enzo are going to have some sort of mother son bond. He'll probably do everything within his power to bring her family back...not knowing what they are or what they can do.

Delena will come to an end... Even though I'd like to see Damon as a human, he'll be turning old like Katherine did whereas Elena will be the age that she was meant to be since she just got turned a year ago. I feel like them making attempts to take the cure together could have horrible consequences since it is only made for one person.

Oh and an honorable mention...that the vampire witches in the prison world probably turned Kai into a vampire witch...or at least I am assuming.

So what did you guys think of this episode?