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Spoilers from The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Ep. 18: "I Could Never Love Like That"

Last week was full of surprises, but I am going to give you guys a quick run down of the most important moments that happened on last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries.


Buuuut I'm not, so let's hop into what happened last week!!

Elena begins to realize that she wishes she was human still. When she finds out Jo is pregnant, she reacts strangely because she still wants to have kids but she can not since she's a vampire.

Enzo realizes his vendetta against Stefan doesn't matter since his humanity is turned off and decides to leave Sarah Salvatore at the Salvatore brother's house. Lily opens the door, Enzo recognizes her, and instead leads Sarah away from there...telling her about her family and explaining to her that Lily was the one who changed him.

Enzo apparently was sick, bought a ticket to get on this ship to see a doctor who was on it, but instead was told he couldn't because they did not want him to spread his disease. Lily shows up and destroys the guy who was rude to Enzo. She then brings him on the ship with her. Enzo tells her about his life and how she was the only person that showed him such kindness. She invites him to come with her and her new found family. She ends up changing him and kills him. He wakes up to all of these people slaughtered on the ship with no trace of Lily and ends up becoming a vampire.

Damon's mom finds out that he has the cure and that he is contemplating whether he should give it to Elena. In order for Lily to help turn Stefan's humanity on, Damon gives Lily the box with the ascendant inside. Lily threatens to tell Elena that Damon has a cure and didn't tell her about it.

Lily tells Damon that she basically is detached from him and Stefan and has been since 1904 because of her new found family. Damon tells her exactly what to tell Stefan to turn his humanity back on...

Caroline almost kills Matt...well actually Tyler almost kills Matt because it was what Caroline wanted.

Lily gives Stefan this heartfelt speech and Stefan's humanity is back.

Matt rejects Elena's blood to help him survive and comes to the conclusion that they kind of can't be friends since she's a vampire and he hates vampires. Elena again shows it all over her face that she secretly wishes she was human.

Elena mentions to Damon about being kind of sad about not being able to have children and says she can't do anything about it. Damon doesn't say anything about him having the cure.

We find out that Lily's family, the people she keeps stressing to Damon about going back to the past and getting.... are actually a combination of witches and vampires who were extremely powerful and destructive.

So that's my recap on what happened in last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries...

Also am I the only one who misses KAI?!????? 
Let's just assume he's going to be a witch and a vampire.

What did you guys think about this episode??