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10 Dollar Mall Review + I bought 4 Pairs of Shoes and Overalls all for under $60!!

10 Dollar Mall Review

I have been stalking 10 Dollar Mall's website for a few months and I finally decided to make a purchase. Everything on the 10 Dollar Mall website is $9.99 and below. They sell clothes for men, women, and children, in addition to shoes and accessories. 

Website Experience

The hardest part was trying to decide what I wanted to buy. I knew I wanted to buy 4 pairs of shoes, but I ended up ordering a pair of overalls as well. I used the pop up discount that was on the homepage. My order was $46.45 and shipping was $6.99. I received a $3.50 discount and I paid $53.44.


The shipping was ridiculously fast. 10 Dollar Mall is located in Kentucky and I live in Michigan. I made my order on April 22 and it also shipped that same day. I received my package April 24. So it took 2 days for me to get my purchase.


10 Dollar Mall Review

I received my items in a big brown box.

The Items review

These Modern Cinderella Black Chunky Clear Heels were $9.99. They look exactly the way they did on the website. They're pretty comfortable.

I bought the same These Modern Cinderella Chunky Clear Heels, but in blue and they were also $9.99. 

10 dollar mall

I bought these Locked and Loaded Mint Chunky Heels for $7.99. Mint is always a great color to wear for Spring and Summer. I love the buckle on these heels.

These Oh My Velvet Green Platform Heels  were $8.49. These are the first pair of platform heels I have ever owned and they're really comfortable.

These acid wash distressed overalls were $9.99. I was looking for a pair of overalls that didn't cost a ridiculous amount so I decided to buy these. I probably should have gotten these in a Medium because they fit a bit tighter than I thought they would.

Overall Thoughts on

I would DEFINITELY buy from there again. I bought 4 pairs of shoes and a pair of overalls all for under $60. Everything is true to size. I bought all of my shoes in the size 8.5 and the overalls in the size small.  I am going to assume that 10 Dollar Mall is a resale shop for items that do not sale in places like Rainbow, Dots, and Charlotte Russe. I would recommend this place if you're looking for some affordable pieces for your wardrobe and you do not have that much money to spend. The next time I make a purchase from them, I'll try to buy some actual clothes if I find any I like. I will most definitely buy more shoes from them in the future though, I know that for sure.

Let me guys know what you think about the website or any purchases you have made from there if you have.