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Buying Candles from Jewel Scent + Getting $10 to $7500 rings in a Candle

jewel scent rings in candle

For Mother's Day, I bought my mom and my aunt candles from a company called Jewel Scent. Jewel Scent is one of those companies that sell these amazing smelling candles that have a jeweled treasured hidden within the wax. You have to light the candles and let them melt down to reveal your jewel that is worth $10 to $7500. Now Jewel Scent does not only sell candles. They sell soaps, body scrubs, beads, and wax tart which they all have a ring hidden inside.

My mom and aunt purchased from one of these jewel candle companies last year, but I can't remember if it was this same company. Anyway, I decided to buy some candles for them because I knew that they'd like them... Plus Jewel Scent was having a 30% off + 2 Bonus rings sale at the time.

The check out process with Jewel Scent

I had a difficult time deciding on what to buy. The sale involved a minimum purchase of $49.99 in order to receive the deal. I eventually decided to buy 2 $24.99 candles and some $14.99 aroma beads for myself. My total turned out to be $64.97 + $10.95 shipping fee, but with the discount code I used... I only had to pay $60.93 for 2 candles and 1 aroma bead with 2 free rings including the cost of shipping. 

Keep in mind that you can choose your ring size, but sometimes you may not get the actual ring size you asked for depending on the quantity of ring sizes available.

Thoughts on Shipping
How long did shipping take with Jewel Scent?

I know you guys may think $10.95 shipping is a lot, but you have to keep in mind that these candles are ridiculously heavy. Jewel Scent ships through USPS with Priority shipping and the confirmation email said that it would take between 2-7 days for me to receive my package.

I ordered on April 26th. I received a confirmation email telling me that it had been shipped on the 28th and received my actual package on the 30th. So it took 4 days for me to receive my package which is pretty awesome considering they're based in California.

What does the packaging look like?

jewel scent review

Your items will come in an USPS Priority Shipping Cardboard box and it will be heavy. 

My actual purchase from Jewel Scent

I purchased all of the rings in a size 7, including mine which was somewhat of a bad idea. I found out that majority of my fingers could fit a ring that is a size 6 and a half. 

jewel scent candle

So the first candle that I purchased was for my aunt and I bought her the Calm Lavender Candle. I didn't take a picture of it, but here it is if you're interested in seeing what it looks like or buying it. It smells amazing by the way. I figured it'd help relieve her stress. I bought a Sheer Dahlia Candle for my mom which smells like some sort of Dove body wash. It smells like all types of love in a jar. 

Unfortunately Sheer Dahlia is not available on their website anymore. I think they create certain scents and bring them back at certain times of the year.

jewel scent review

Then I bought some aroma beads in the Cuban Nights scent which has a sort of sultry, musky smell. I originally was going to order the Lavender beads, but I figured I should get a different smell from the candles I ordered. The Cuban Nights beads remind me of the way the Ambrosia from the series Xena :Warrior Princess... Ambrosia was suppose to be the food of the gods and if someone ate it, they would become a god. Of course, I would not suggest eating this... AT

When you get the rings out of your candles, soap, wax, or bead jar.... they will come in a golden little wrapper. If you receive a golden token with a serial number that means it is worth over $100, you will then have to contact Jewel Scent so that they can send you your ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings (Visit their website for more information).

ring in a candle

The two rings I received for free came in a little bag with a serial number attached with the appraisal website of Jewel Scent to find out how much the ring is worth. I knew that it was under $100 since I actually received the ring, but I was okay with it since they were pretty. I figured they wouldn't send a free $100+ token anyway. I typed in the serial number and the prices came up to show what they were worth. The green ring was worth $15 and the white ring was worth $10.

I poured out some of my aroma beads and found my little golden wrapped up ring in the jar. It was a beautiful purple ring. It was the exact same ring as my white ring and it was worth $10 as well. I was not disappointed since they looked gorgeous.

As for my mom and my aunt's rings... I don't know how much their rings are worth or if they even received a ring over $100 considering they have yet to light their candles. lol I'll update this page once they find their rings in the wax.

(Update: June 10th)

There was a power outage when it rained heavily this past week and my mom found this blue ring in her candle. She looked up the price of the ring.
The website said it was worth $24.

Jewel Scent ring

Would I Purchase from Jewel Scent Again?

jewel scent review

I DEFINITELY WOULD! The scents are lovely, but the rings make the price worth it. For example, I paid $14.99 for my scented beads and found a $10 ring inside which means the beads were technically only $4.99, which isn't so bad considering they make the whole room smell exactly like the scent when I sprinkle a bit in various little open containers around the room. It would be the same thing if my mom or aunt found a $20 ring in their $24.99 candles, even though it is possible that they could receive a $10 ring instead.... Regardless the candles smell great.

I also love that they ship USPS priority and how fast their shipping was. Another plus would be the fact that they have sales going on practically all of the time. I think that these rings make great gifts so if one of your loved ones is having a birthday coming up.... get them a candle with a ring in it. 

I do have one thing that I would like to mention though..... 
A lot of people may think that they will receive a ring or piece of jewelry over $100. I think that the possibility would be very rare of receiving a ring over $100, but who knows..... 
You could receive a ring over $100 if you buy one of their products. 

The next time I purchase something from Jewel Scent, I hope I receive a blue or a red ring. 
I'll let you guys know about it the next time I buy from them.
Maybe I'll even do a giveaway for one of these candles.

What do you guys think about these candles with rings in them?
Would you buy one?
Let me know your thoughts...