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Flashback Friday: Summer Rain by Carl Thomas

summer rain carl thomas

I chose the song "Summer Rain" by Carl Thomas for Flashback Friday because it has been playing over and over in my mind for the past week. I think that it is mainly because it has been raining a lot in Michigan and yes, I know that it is not Summer yet. This song takes me back to when I was in middle school. I absolutely loved this song even though I wasn't really paying attention to the lyrics at that time. I'm pretty sure if my mom had caught me singing this or heard it playing on the radio she would have came in the room so fast and turned it off because she was pretty strict with the lyrics and content of the songs I listened to.

Carl Thomas's soothing voice with this calming and simple beat makes for the perfect song. To be honest, I just realized how sexual this song is...considering this is the first time I've seen the entire video and paid attention to the It's still a pretty amazing song.

Check out the video...
Be forewarned that there is a whole lot of sexiness going on in this video. lol
If you want to avoid that, click the second video which has only the song.

Summer Rain by Carl Thomas (just the song)

Do any of you remember this song?
If not, what did you think about it?