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New Music Video: Lil Mama - Sausage

Lil Mama Sausage

I just got done watching the music video for the song "Sausage" by Lil Mama and I was pleasantly surprised. I am not a big "new" rap fan. I prefer all of the old stuff from the early 2000's and before then, but this was actually pretty awesome. I know that a lot of people have given Lil Mama a hard time in the past for her being an individual, in addition to the whole walking on stage during the performance with Jay Z and Alicia Keys fiasco at that award show that one year.... but she has a lot of talent which we saw in her portrayal as Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes in that TLC movie. To be completely honest, she actually can rap and I mean that to say that she raps way better than half of these artists being played on the radio on a consistent basis. 

She's also pretty smart. The "Sausage" concept came from a group of young adults who created a viral video creating a simple beat and each of them adding their own lyrics when it came to enjoying "sausage"...or I should say "the man's penis." Lol She turned this concept into a song which discusses protecting yourself when having sex, in addition to just being focused on your greatness and not being worried about anyone else. 

This video has a strong 90's feel. I could tell Lil Mama was just having fun recording this video.... and I'm not even mad at her. I liked it.

Not to mention I want almost all of the outfits that she wore in the video. Lol

It is safe to say that Lil Mama has returned from her hiatus and will be bringing us new music after this.

If you haven't seen it, check it out.

So what did you guys think about the video and the song?