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Storylines That Could Have Been Created for Elena in The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries has ended their 6th season and will not be back until September. With the departure of Nina Dobrev, I have been thinking about the possible storylines that could have occurred with Elena if she had not left show. However, I will say that some of these topics could have been explored in previous seasons even before she thought about leaving the show... but let's hop into what the writers of The Vampire Diaries could have did with Elena's story.

The Traveler

We found out in Season 5 that Elena came from a line of travelers which means that there could have been some sort of development on her traveler powers at some point of time after she became human. I would have liked for them to have explored that or just explore more about the travelers in general.

The Mom

It would have been awesome to see Elena become pregnant and also become a mother.

The Angel/The Guardian

I have not read the actual Vampire Diaries series, but Elena becoming an angel or guardian could have also opened the door to something new within Vampire Diaries.

Stelena's Return

I know a lot of Stelena fans were rooting for TVD to come around full circle and bring it back to its' roots of the love of Stelena conquering all.... so it would have been fascinating to see how that would have taken place if the writers wanted to end the show with the love boat of Stelena.

Melena's Comeback

I also contemplated a possibility of Melena (Matt + Elena) happening again. The show started off showing Elena trying to stay positive and move forward with the death of her parents, but she also had broke up with her childhood love and boyfriend, Matt. I figured they could have made them end game, but after a while I realized.... that would not be possible.

The Elders

It would be kind of exciting to see if Elena's grandparents (both stemming from the adoptive Gilbert line and her actual Petrova blood line) played a part in the supernatural world as well. I would have liked to see if they knew about all of this supernatural stuff and if they played a part in anything, but I am assuming that they are already dead. 

Reversed Roles

It would have also been interesting if Damon took the cure and some how had an accident that caused  him to have amnesia, making him have to learn about Elena and all about the world of vampires, witches, and werewolves all over again. Within this, it would have been different to see Elena make attempts to save Damon instead since she was always the person who was a victim throughout the entire show.

Strong and Thriving

Speaking of which, I would have liked to see Elena rise to the occasion to not be self-pitying because of the deaths of all the people she cared about and become a strong character who actually fought back... If you guys paid attention to the way she carried herself from Season 1 to Season 6... she fought more as a human than as a vampire. However, I was happy about her lack of self-pitying towards the end of Season 6....but I guess I wanted her to be stronger overall. Because if I compared her to Bonnie... Bonnie lost everyone in her family because of her to some extent, but Bonnie's character has always been self-sacrificing and strong. I know that her sacrificing her time to live for Bonnie was what she did in the Season 6 finale....but I wanted to see Elena thrive more in her waking life and become a strong woman. I also wanted them to keep Bonnie around as well, but Kai linking their lives made that impossible.

Regardless, I am going to miss seeing Nina Dobrev's face on the show and I hope she goes on to have much success.

What do you guys think? Can you think of any other plots or other things that could have happened with Elena's storyline?