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Charlotte Russe Online Review + I bought some jeans online

Charlotte Russe Review

There is much excitement that I feel when jeans I purchase online actually fit because it can be a struggle buying jeans online that fit just right. I recently purchased from Charlotte Russe's online website a few weeks ago and I just wanted to share with you guys a purchase I made on their online website.

Charlotte Russe Shopping Experience

I already knew that I wanted to buy some jeans from Charlotte Russe. They have a specific brand that I love because it's high waisted and it absolutely makes my entire bottom half look like pure love. I decided to purchase 3 pairs of high waisted jeans. Charlotte Russe was having a sale at the time and I paid $53.45.

How is the shipping at Charlotte Russe?

I paid $5 for shipping because I didn't reach the $50 free shipping limit. Charlotte Russe ships through FedEx. I ordered on May 19th and my order was processed to be shipped May 20th. I received my tracking number which I could check anytime through the email I received as confirmation from them or my log in on the Charlotte Russe website. I received my package on May 23rd. So it took 4 days for me to receive my order from Charlotte Russe. 

What does Charlotte Russe's packaging look like?

Charlotte Russe Review

My jeans came in a polybag with the Charlotte Russe logo on the bag.

The actual Purchase

Charlotte Russe Review

I bought 3 of the exact same pairs of jeans in different shades. These are the Refuge "Hi-waist Super Skinny" Jeans and they fit perfectly. I am absolutely in LOVE with them.

Charlotte Russe Review

These are the acid wash jeans. They were $17.49 when I bought them.
These are pretty old school. They remind me of the 80s, but I could definitely rock these out any day.

However when wearing them, they are kind of tight in the calf and ankle area. 
I am not sure if it is the fabric or wash with the jeans, but they were sometimes uncomfortable.

Charlotte Russe Review

These are the dark red jeans which were $12.99. I have never owned a pair of red jeans so I figured I'd buy some.

I could not even put my thighs all the way in these, which did not make sense since they are in the same size as the acid wash jeans.

Charlotte Russe Review

These medium blue destroyed jeans were $19.99. 
I've worn them twice already.

The fit perfectly.

Would I recommend buying from Charlotte Russe Online?

I would recommend shopping there, but if you plan on buying jeans from this store.... go to Charlotte Russe in person. All three pairs of the jeans were the same brand and style in the same size, but in different colors. However only one of the pairs was comfortable to wear. Next time I buy jeans from them I will definitely try them on in a dressing room.

I will say though that the shipping was fast. They usually always have some sort of discount code or sale going on. They sell other items like dresses, outerwear, sweaters, skirts, shirts, shoes, and other accessories. I'm sure you'll find something you like if you look around.

I personally prefer shopping on their online website in comparison to shopping in the their physical store. There are more options to choose from and they almost always have my size for the item I want in stock online whereas in person.... my size for certain things I like tends to be out of stock.

Charlotte Russe is a fairly popular store, so tell me what you guys think about shopping at Charlotte Russe.

What have your experiences been like?
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