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Citi Trends Online Store Review + I Bought 2 Purses and a Maxi Dress

Citi Trends Review

Citi Trends is a store that sells clothing, accessories, and shoes at an affordable price. I haven't had the chance to shop in their physical store, but this was my first online store purchase and I was pleasantly surprised.

Citi Trends Online Shopping Experience

Just like with any online store, the hardest process is picking what you want to buy. At the time of my purchase they had a few denim jumpsuits on sale, which I was obsessed with in high school. However I decided to buy 2 purses and a maxi dress on a whim. I paid $27.55.

Citi Trends Shipping

One of the things that I loved about Citi Trends was that their shipping was free and I believe it is always free when you use the code "FREESHIP" upon checking out. Without the free shipping code, I would have had to pay $5. Citi Trends ships through UPS. I ordered from them May 17th. The package was shipped out May 18th and I received my purchase on the 21st. So it took 4 days for me to receive my package.


CitiTrends Review

My purchase was shipped to me in a brown box.

The actual purchase

Citi Trends Purse

I paid $8 for a pink owl canvas backpack. I do not own anything that even looks like this. I thought it was unique in comparison to everything else I own. It is designed with buckles, but there are actually snaps underneath the buckles which makes it easier to open and close. I've been carrying this bag everywhere and I can put a lot of stuff in it. These are still currently on sale for $8. It's actual retail price is around $20.

Citi Trends Purse

I also bought this Aztec fringe side crossbody for $6. It's a fairly nice sized bag and I love the design on it. It also retails at $20. They have a few bags on their website that are on sale right now that are similar.

Citi Trends Maxi Dress

The last thing I bought was a little out of character for me. I purchased a printed strapless maxi dress for $11.99, but it's retail value is $35. This is the first strapless dress that I have ever bought and usually I wouldn't buy anything like this, but I figured I'd give this dress a try since I loved the way it looked on the model. It does fit really nicely surprisingly, so I see more strapless dresses in my future.

Do I recommend buying from Citi Trends Online?

I will definitely be buying from this store again. I would say that Citi Trends is a hidden gem. It has a few items that would probably peak your interest especially the dresses, denim, shoes, and purses. I believe they update their website a few weeks with new products. The shipping is pretty fast and they have things that you most likely wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. I am considering finding and going to one of their physical stores to see what they have inside too.

If you have the time, go ahead and check out their website.
Let me know if you guys see any great finds.