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Cleaning Out MY Closet SALE! EVERYTHING IS UNDER $7!!

Clothing Under 10 Sale

I decided that it was time for me to get rid of some of the clothes that I own. I have a collection of Men's and Women's clothing that I am currently selling. I figured I would just sell everything for under $8. 

If any of you guys are interested in the items listed, you can buy through the links connected to my online store under the items listed below or you can also contact me by email via  if you would like to purchase more than one item.

If you decide to contact me via email about the items you would like to purchase, PLEASE keep in mind that there will be a $5.50 shipping fee and I will calculate the total for you!

The links connected also have more pictures to the items down below.

I will ONLY be accepting Paypal and you will receive a receipt via e-mail.

Your package will be processed and shipped out within 3 business days of you sending your payment.  If you purchase from me either through my Storenvy account or through contacting me by email, I will most likely send you a tracking number so that you can track your purchase as it ships to you.

I will only be shipping internationally.
However, if you do not live in the USA... I may make an exception after I calculate shipping costs.
I will be shipping through USPS.

Size - Women's Small

Size - Women's 10, but fits like a Medium-Large

Size - Men's Medium [But I worn as an oversized women's sweater]

Size - Women's Large [Fits like a Medium!!]

Size - Women's Medium

$4.00 - Cargo Shorts
Size - 10 in Children's (Girls), but they fit like a women's size 2

Size - Medium 

Size - Women's Medium

$4.00 - Navy Shorts
Size - Women's 5 [Fits like a size 3]

$5.00 - Boxed Sweater
Size - Men's Medium [Was worn as a Large Women's Sweater]

$4.00 - Grey Jeans
Size - Women's 3

Size - Men's XXL [but I wore it als an oversized sweater]
It seems like a Men's XL instead of an XXL.

Size - Women's 3 [Fits exactly like a 3]

Size - Women's Large [Fits like a Medium]

Size - Men's Medium [Fits like a Women's Large]

Again, if you are interested in buying anything listed, buy through the links connected to my online website through Paypal or contact me via if you are interested in more than one item that you would like to purchase.

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