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Day 3 of Taking Surveys on Cashcrate

Day 3 using Cashcrate

Today will be my Day 3 of taking only surveys on Cashcrate to make money online. I was pretty busy this weekend, so I did not even get a chance to do anything on the website on both Saturday and Sunday. The only thing I did yesterday was check in for $0.03, but I will still continue on with this being Day 3 (Tuesday).

Here's what I have in my account currently:

Cashcrate Review

Here's what I did today:

Checked In for $0.03

Under the yellow survey tab:

7:23PM-7:28 PM - Live Sample (Daily) $0.90  - Completed.
7:29PM-7:31 PM -YourSurvey (Daily) $0.90 - Didn't Qualify.
7:36PM-8:08 PM - Opinion Survey (Daily) $0.75 - Completed.
7:33PM-7:33 PM - TapResearch (Daily) $0.90 - For whatever reason, the survey site for TapResearch froze.
8:12PM-8:14 PM - Global Test Market (Daily) $0.90 - For some reason GTM will not let me  submit pre-qualifying answers. There maybe a glitch with their website.
8:15PM-8:37 PM - Say So For Good - Short Survey (Daily) $0.60 - It went from one survey to the next, so I'm not sure if it will be accredited to my account.
(Update: It did credit my account 14 minutes later.) Completed.
8:45PM-9:03PM - Say So For Good - Long Survey (Daily) $1.20 - It went from one survey to the next, so I'm not sure if it will be accredited to my account.
(Update: It did credit my account 14 minutes later.) Completed.
9:08PM-9:09 PM - Say So For Good - Medium Survey (Daily) $0.90 - Didn't qualify.
9:09PM-9:09 PM Univox Surveys (Daily) - $0.90 - There was a glitch upon loading the website.

7:19PM-7:21PM - News and Media Study - $1.00 - Didn't qualify.
7:22PM-7:22PM - Household Services Study - $1.10 - Didn't qualify.

Under the pink TopSurveys tab:

9:13PM-9:15PM - 20 minute survey - $2.39 - Didn't qualify.
9:17PM-9:39 PM - 25 minute survey - $1.58 - Completed, but reward maybe pending for 2-6 weeks.
(Update, it did not pend. The payment automatically was confirmed for my account.)

Today, my total is: $14.31

Make money with Cashcrate

I earned $5.06 on Cashcrate today which was pretty good.

I am $5.69 away from collecting my check.
I believe that whatever money is in your account by the 15th of the month will be the money that will be sent out to you by the payment form via check. I have 5 more days until the 15th, so I am pretty sure I'll be able to make $4-$5 everyday if I stick with it.

The process of filling out surveys on Cashcrate is tedious, but it's worth the little extra change you could make. Again, I could most likely make $7 a day by taking surveys (based on my demographics) if I felt like putting in the time and I'm pretty sure that it is possible for you to do the same.

Come back to my website tomorrow for Day 4 of using Cashcrate.

Interested in joining Cashcrate, click here.
If you would prefer to join without becoming one of my referrals, click here.

Check out what I made the other days of using Cashcrate.

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