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Day 4 of taking surveys with Cashcrate

Day 4 on Cashcrate

Today is Day 4 of taking surveys on Cashcrate and based on what I did today, it is clear that a person could probably make about $150+ a month on this website without active referrals.

Cashcrate Review

I checked in before I took this picture, so my starting point was actually $14.31 for the day.

Here's what I did for Day 4 on Cashcrate today:

Checked in for $0.03

Under the yellow survey tab:

6:31PM-6:40PM - Live Sample (Daily) $0.90  - Completed.
6:43PM-6:55PM -YourSurvey (Daily) $0.90 - Completed.
7:26PM-7:48PM - MyThoughtCounts (Daily) $0.90 - Completed.
8:29PM-8:48PM - Opinion Survey (Daily) $0.75 - Completed.
8:49PM-8:50PM - TapResearch (Daily) $0.90 - Didn't Qualify.
8:51PM-8:53PM - Global Test Market (Daily) $0.90 - Didn't Qualify because I already took this survey.
8:55PM-9:10PM - Say So For Good - Short Survey (Daily) $0.60 - Completed.
9:11PM-9:13PM - Say So For Good - Long Survey (Daily) $1.20 - Didn't Qualify.
9:17PM-9:18PM - Say So For Good - Medium Survey (Daily) $0.90 - Didn't Qualify.. Same survey questions as the long survey questions.
9:23PM-9:24PM Univox Surveys (Daily) - $0.90 - Survey was closed.

9:25PM-9:26PM - Ad Effectiveness Survey 266 Survey - $1.00 - Survey went back to home page of Cashcrate mid screen.
9:29PM-9:29PM - Survey #5478 - $1.00 - Clicked it and automatically didn't qualify.
9:30PM-9:47PM - Study for Young Adults - $0.90 - Completed.

Today I made $4.95 on Cashcrate.

Cashcrate proof

My total is now $19.29 which means that I am $0.71 away from reaching the $20 cash out and it basically only took 4 days to reach this amount.

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