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Day 5 of Taking Surveys on Cashcrate

Today is Day 5 of using Cashcrate and I currently have $19.29 in my account right now. Today seemed like a lot of the surveys wanted demographics that I didn't fit in or the people within my demographics had already took the surveys.

I had already checked in earlier for the $0.03 which is why I am at $19.32 right now.

Here's what I did for Day 5 on Cashcrate today:

Under the yellow survey tab:

8:02PM-8:22PM - Live Sample (Daily) $0.90  - Entered survey site. Said another survey would be offerred to me. Did another survey, not sure if I'll be credited though. Completed.
8:23PM-PM -YourSurvey (Daily) $0.90 - Took another survey because disqualified for previous. Completed.
8:32PM-8:38PM - MyThoughtCounts (Daily) $0.90 - Didn't qualify, took another survey. Completed.
8:40PM-8:41PM - Opinion Survey (Daily) $0.75 - Didn't qualify.
8:42PM-8:44PM - TapResearch (Daily) $0.90 - Didn't qualify.
8:45PM-8:47PM - Global Test Market (Daily) $0.90 - Website would not continue on. Froze.
8:48PM-8:51PM - Say So For Good - Short Survey (Daily) $0.60 - Didn't qualify.
8:52PM-8:55PM - Say So For Good - Long Survey (Daily) $1.20 - Didn't qualify.
8:56PM-8:59PM - Say So For Good - Medium Survey (Daily) $0.90 - Quota reached for survey. Didn't qualify.
9:00PM-9:02PM Univox Surveys (Daily) - $0.90 - Website stopped working.

Under the pink TopSurveys tab:

9:09PM-9:16PM - 5 minute survey - $1.02 - Completed, will deposit in 2-6 weeks.
9:19PM-9:20PM - 17 minute survey - $3.67 - Didn't qualify for survey.
9:22PM-9:26PM - 20 minute survey - $2.24 - Didn't qualify for survey.

Today I made $3.02.
I would have took more surveys, but I honestly don't even feel like taking anymore


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