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I'm in love with : Clothing Haul and Review review

Rainbow was probably the first store I shopped in when I saved enough money to buy clothes I actually wanted in middle school. I heavily shopped there in high school for random casual shirts, in addition to jeans. I found out a few months ago that they had an online website, so I figured I'd buy a few items from them when they were having a sale and share my shopping experience with you guys.

At the time, (this was in May) Rainbow was having a 50% off sale featuring a lot of items. I was lucky enough to find a few cute pieces in my size that I liked at an affordable price. I purchased some jeans, pants, leggings, and a pair of shorts. Some of them I have worn and some of them I have not yet.

What is shipping like at
How long does Rainbowshops take to ship?

I purchased 7 items; 2 skinny jeans, denim shortalls, navy dress pants, 2 pairs of leggings, and some black pants with a leather inset. I purchased from Rainbow May 20th. I used a discount code when I made my purchase. My total was $63.52 with free shipping because I spent over $50 (spend $50 receive free shipping). Without free shipping, it would have been $5.95. On that same day, I received an email stating that one of the pairs of jeans I wanted was out of stock, so I was not charged for the item. Instead, I only had to pay $51.34. A few hours later, I received another message saying that my order had shipped which I was excited about because usually companies take a day or more to process the orders. To some extent it did take a whole day to actually ship because FedEx actually started shipping out my order on the road on May 21st. 

RainbowShops uses FedEx to ship. Their company is located in Pennsylvania. I received my package May 23rd, so it took 3 days for it to get to me which was a decent amount of time.


I received my items in a polybag.

My actual Purchase from Rainbow

I basically outgrew a lot of my pants soooo I needed to buy some more.

Rainbow shops store

I bought a pair of light wash skinny jeans that are high waisted. I've worn these once and they look AMAZING! 


I was really skeptical about these shorts when I looked at them. I thought they were too short, but when I put them on they look great and they aren't too short. Definitely one of the best pairs of shorts I own considering I don't own that many. I love that they have elastic in the waist as well.

black leather leggings

The black pants with the faux leather insets make my legs and butt look like all types of love. I recommend every woman to have some because when I wore them I felt extremely sexy for some reason. Maybe I just felt really sexy that day though, but I still suggest you guys buy a pair. They made my legs look longer.

Rainbow Online Store Review

The navy pants with belt also makes my bottom half look like pure bliss.

RainbowShops Review

I kept the leopard print leggings and the gray leggings in the bags they came in. I haven't tried them on yet, but I'm assuming they'll look nice on me. I bought them for working out in and lounge wear.

Would I recommend

This is definitely a store you guys should consider shopping at if you're looking for pants, leggings, or jeans. They have other items like dresses, jackets, shirts, sweaters, skirts, rompers, and accessories. They also sell shoes which I will most likely buy from them next time. I would say that I actually prefer their online website in comparison to their physical stores, but honestly it really just depends on the store. For example... the Rainbow closest to me will not have stuff that I like, but the one at the mall that's 13 miles away from me will have tons of stuff I'll want to buy. So it really all depends on the store. If you're looking for a Rainbow closest to you, click here.

Do any of you guys still shop at Rainbow or have you heard of it?
If so, tell me what you go to Rainbow to buy? 
Dresses? Casual shirts? Skirts? Pants?
Leave a comment and let me know.