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Mturk Review: A quick hour of making money on Mturk

Make Money with Mturk

I am sure a lot of you are looking for a variety of different ways to make money online. I have been using the micro worker website Amazon Mturk off and on for the past 2 years. You can make money by writing articles, taking duplicate face pictures on your webcam, doing transcription, tagging pictures, creating summaries, taking surveys, and by doing research on Google. Today I decided to do a little mock project to see what I could make by simply taking surveys on Mturk for an hour.

When you first start off using Mturk, only a certain amount of Hits will be open to you. Hits are the different projects that you are qualified to do. As you complete more hits successfully, without error or rejection.... you will find that more hits will be available to you as time goes on....possibly with better pay. 

Here's what happened when I used Mturk for an hour today:

11:46AM-12:23PM - I completed a $3 dentist survey.

The survey I took was possibly the most tiresome and annoying survey I have ever taken in life. I almost wanted to click off the survey itself and just give up on the money I would have received, but I figured I should at least receive the $3 for my time. It took 37 minutes to complete it.

12:30PM-12:46PM - I completed a $1 life situations survey that was marked down as being 20-30 minutes long.

This survey was enjoyable. It was quick and the topic was interesting. It took 16 minutes to complete it.

Thoughts on Mturk

Overall, I made $4 in an hour on Mturk. Now, I would like to say that I have done a lot of research on this website and it is very rare to find a $3 survey. I am actually wondering if I will receive the payment for my time of taking it, but I will leave an update on this page once I do. Most of the surveys on Mturk are $0.10-$2. I have already been paid the $1 for the second survey, which I am happy about.

Many people have made claims that they make between $5-10 which is very possible, but depending on the hits that are available and the payment for them, it is possible that it could take 2 hours....and that's if you're quick with fulfilling them. If I were to break down making $5 a day on Mturk, I'd have $150 for the month, which isn't bad. 

Because Mturk is connected to Amazon, you can be paid in Amazon money that can be credited to your Amazon account or you can be paid directly to your checking account. However it may take a 3-7 days to receive the payment.

If you're interested in trying out Mturk, click here and sign up as a worker.