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Patience Is Key : Ask for What You Want. Remain Patient. Work Hard. Be Rewarded.

Patience is needed in every aspect of life. Sometimes we have to wait on what we want to receive because the timing isn't right or maybe we haven't taken the right steps to get to that point of reaping those rewards.

You want to accomplish your goals? 

It takes patience, endurance, action, and dedication.

Are you waiting for your pay check?

Takes patience and saving to maintain your funds for the entire week to survive. I know the struggle is real sometimes. I completely understand what you're going through.

You say you want to meet a good man or woman?

It takes patience because God'll let you know when you've met someone good for you. Focus on you for the time being though. God hasn't forgotten about your beautiful soul. You never know who you could meet on your weekly errands.

Overall, I say this to say pray and pace yourself. 
Pray and pace. Pray and pace.

If you put in the time to acquire what you want... If you put out positivity into the Universe, you will be rewarded. If you pray and ask for something, be patient. With patience comes growth.

Even if you do not believe in what I believe, ask for what you want. 
Have it in your mind what you want. 
Speak it into existence and you'll receive it in due time.

However I will say.... be careful about what you ask for and be specific as well. 
Only ask for what you want when you're ready to receive it.

(Picture was retrieved from Flickr and was modified)