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Rapunzel Is Getting Her Own Cartoon Show!!

Disney Channel Announces Tangled Animated Series

I just found out some really exciting news. Disney Channel announced that Tangled is receiving its' own animated series that is set to air in 2017. I think that this will definitely be a great game changer addition for Disney Channel considering a lot of their shows are directed at live-action comedic pre-teen/teenager shows. Hopefully Disney Channel will get back to its' roots of creating cartoon focused shows like Recess, Pepper Ann, and The Weekenders...which were all cartoon shows that I grew up watching.

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will be reprising their roles as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider aka Eugene.

Tangled Animated Series

I am wondering if they are going to create this series with Eugene and Rapunzel as a married/engaged couple. I think that the cartoon will most likely focus on Rapunzel's exploring the world after being trapped in her tower for so long and Flynn's willingness to be a welcomed part of society. It's going to be interesting to see what adventures they have together. 

Disney's Rapunzel gets animated series in 2017

And even though I am in my early twenties, I am extremely excited about this and I will definitely be watching this show.

What do you guys think about Rapunzel getting her own animated series?
Will you be watching it?


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