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Using CashCrate to Make Money Online by Taking Surveys: Day 1

Day 1 using Cashcrate

I've been a member of Cashcrate since September 2009, but I did not take the time to actually use the website until 2013. Cashcrate does have the potential to earn someone $40+ a month if they took the time to put in the work. When I think about how much I could have made if I stuck with Cashcrate, I lost out on over $2700. I think that this gpt (get paid to) website is one of those make money sites that people give up on mainly because they do not know how to take the time to put it to proper use. 

I have been paid by Cashcrate twice. Of course I know that I could have made money monthly with this website if I dedicated more time to it. So I figured I would give Cashcrate another go. This study will act as a review for Cashcrate and how valuable of a source it is to make money online.

Please keep in mind that I have no active refferals and that I will be making the money I receive all through my own actions on this website. Also keep in mind that the cash out for Cashcrate is $20.

Starting point: $1.66 left on my account from the last time I used CashCrate.

Here's what I did on Cashcrate today:

Checked In Website at 1:09 PM = $0.03

Under the Yellow Survey tab:

1:13 - 1:37 PM - Live Sample (Daily) $0.90  - completed
3:57 - 3:59 PM -YourSurvey (Daily) $0.90 - Not qualified
4:00 - 4:07 PM - Opinion Survey (Daily) $0.75 - completed
4:09 - 4:15 PM - MyThoughtCounts (Daily) $0.90 - Not qualified (couldn't find a survey I qualified for in the third-party survey site)
4:17 - 4:19 PM - Global Test Market (Daily) $0.90 - No surveys were available for me.
4:21 - 4:50 PM - Say So For Good - Short Survey (Daily) $0.60 - completed
9:51- 9:52 PM - Say So For Good - Long Survey (Daily) $1.20 - Didn't qualify.
9:54 - 9:54 PM - Say So For Good - Medium Survey (Daily) $0.90 - Didn't qualify.
9:58 - 10:40 PM Univox Surveys (Daily) - $0.90 - completed.

At 10:43 PM... Cashcrate timed out and I can not get onto the website. I suppose they were doing updates.

I took 9 surveys, qualified/completed 4 surveys, spent about 2 hours and 30 minutes on Cashcrate, and I earned $3.18 which is not a lot of money, but keep in mind that I was doing other stuff while taking these surveys. 

I mean, let's think about this for a second... There are at least 20 more surveys on this website that I could qualify for based on my demographics and it is possible that I could even reach $5 a day on this website. However even with me reaching $3.18... 

1 day on Cashcrate = $3.18
7 days using Cashcrate = $22.26
30 days using Cashcrate = $95.40

If I aimed for $5 a day and was successful...

1 day on Cashcrate = $5
7 days using Cashcrate = $35
30 days using Cashcrate = $150

I think that's pretty good for a little extra money, especially considering it's without referrals.
However, we'll see if I can at least earn $3 a day with Cashcrate.

Beginning of the day = $1.66
Earned = $3.18
$1.66 + 3.18 = $4.84
End of the day = $4.84

At this rate, I will be able to reach the cash out for $20 in 6-7 days.
I also want to mention that it took at the most 14 minutes for the surveys to be confirmed for the money to be posted to my account.

If you would like to use Cashcrate too, click the link.
If you would like to join without becoming a referral, click here.