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14 Little Black Dresses (LBD) Under $50 ft. LuLu's

Every woman should own a little black dress. It's one of those key pieces that should be in your wardrobe that you can pull out when you need a go to dress for a special event or just something to wear at the spur of the moment.

I found 14 little black dresses under $50 on the clothing website LuLu's
All of these dresses are beautiful and they will definitely be turning heads.

The first dress above would be great as a transitioning from day to night dress. It could be worn to work with a blazer or sweater. Then at night, the jacket could be removed and you could replace your work bag for a nice clutch as the model did in the picture.

I love the flare on the skirt part of this dress and how long it is. This is perfect for an evening work event.

The plunged neckline on the third dress would definitely give a sultry appeal. The empire waist would be great for someone who would like to hide their lower abdomen and their hips.

The last dress has a lot of lace and a subtle plunging neckline. This would be great for a date night at a nice restaurant.

The bodycon dress is great if you're okay with showing off your curves. You could pair this dress with a blazer if you're cold or if you're somewhat self-conscious about your curves.

The plunging neckline on this dress shouts out "SEXYYYY!!" 
You definitely would have to be comfortable with showing off the girls (your boobs) with wearing this dress. A definite date night dress if you're attempting to be seductive.

The last dress has a structured back which looks amazing. It would be a perfect pick for those moments when you are trying to be conservative, but still a bit adventurous because it is somewhat backless.

The first dress shows a little skin which is perfect. It reveals your shoulders subtly and since the pieces are separate you can mix and match them with other clothing items in your wardrobe.

I love this bodycon dress, but again if you wear this dress you will be revealing ALL of your curves. You would definitely have to pair this with a blazer or a sweater if you want to conceal your curves or keep your arms warm on a chilly day.

Another two piece dress that I love for its' separate pieces which can be mixed and matched. I honestly wish that the skirt part was either longer or I wish it flared like a skater skirt. 

I absolutely love the structured shoulders. They are gorgeous. You could wear this dress for a work event or for a date night.

The plunged neckline is another one of those dresses that shouts "Sexyyyyy MAMA!!"
I'd only recommend this dress if you are okay with showing off cleavage.

I love the mesh sleeves with the black cuffs. This dress is the right amount of coverage, but also shows a decent amount of skin to the point where it is still a sexy little black dress. The dress is backless and it looks absolutely perfect.

This is just a simple tank skater dress that could be dressed up with heels and some nice flashy jewelry or some keds and a denim jacket. You'd be able to do a lot with this dress.

Now that you guys have seen my top little black dress picks from LuLu's, let me know what dresses you'd be interested in.
If you all already own a little black dress, let me know where you purchased yours from.
Leave a comment down below and tell me what you think.